Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Review: Queen of Roses by Elizabeth McCoy

I’ve been pretty sick lately (just got out of the hospital today actually) but I have to post the review of the Queen of Roses by Elizabeth McCoy. I’ve been reading a lot of McCoy’s work lately and well…she’s probably one of my favorite authors. Her work is not full of epic action and world-shattering events. It is about people. McCoy has a sort of razor sharp focus that allows her to show off a particular character in a particular set of circumstances without relying on the crash and boom of more traditional stories. This isn’t to say that her work is boring, but it is a change of pace that makes me want to curl up in a chair on a rainy day and just read. Queen of Roses does this for me, it’s a sci-fi cozy, it’s what would happen if Agatha Christie wrote a science fiction novel. The book starts with a twist and it does not stop until the end (and really, not even then). Another bit I really liked is how the author differentiated between conversations between AI’s and normal folks. The basic premise of Queen of Roses is that Sarafina (a AI) is bought by a skeevy starship owner for his cruise ship…and well…you need to read the book for the rest. It’s worth it, seriously, go buy it from Smashwords or Amazon.
I give this fantastic book a full five out of five pennies. Again, GO BUY IT.

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