Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Book Reveiw: All That Glitters by Elizabeth McCoy

I really cannot get enough of Cymelia. As previously discussed I like my fantasy “gritty” or balls-to-the-wall ballistic. Ditto on how magic is portrayed. I want it unknown or “on the rise” or fully worked into whatever society the fiction is portraying (as long as it is consistent). Anyway, enough of my tastes. To the book at hand! All That Glitters by Elizabeth McCoy is insanely good, a fun race through the streets of a cityscape as seen through the eyes of a “roof rat” (think Oliver Twist if he were a Lost Boy from Neverland; just not restricted to boys). The plot is pretty straightforward with a few twists and turns, but that’s not what makes the book awesome. The dialogue is a-fucking-mazing.

Okay, look, what I want you to do is to first think of your favorite foreign accent or dialect. Since this is my blog, I’ll just toss mine up here: Irish. Something about the way the words roll of the tongue just appeals to me. In the past I’ve read books that have featured fictional dialects, badly written Cockney accents, or badly constructed languages. Add this to stilted dialogue and what you have is a book that could have been good…but quickly turns into a shit pile. What’s even worse is accented dialogue that you just can’t decipher. An tha’s th way et is. See? That’s a simple sentence and it’s screwed from the start. All That Glitters not only avoids that trap – it somehow makes the dialogue the center of an already good book. Add that to a dynamic plot that is chock full of intrigue and deception and you have a really good read. Only part of the book I disliked was how the relationship between the two main characters turned out. It was kind of sad, but perfect for the story. Just my opinion there. I really can’t wait for the next Alchemy’s Heirs book. :-)

I give All That Glitters 5 out of 5 pennies. Seriously. Go buy the damn book. It’ll be the best $4 you ever spent.

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