Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Reveiw: Magic All Around by Marcy Peska

Magic All Around starts off pretty slow, but rapidly picks up. Without giving too much away it starts off with a Vivian Marshall who’s just lost her house and has cynophobia (fear of dogs). When her surrogate mother finds her a place to stay one of the rental requirements is she takes in a dog from her land lord. Set in Juneau, Alaska (also the home of the author), the author makes the city as much a character as any of the other dramatis personæ. From there…things get strange and we have family secrets, shapeshifters, and witches! Oh, my! It’s a pretty decent read overall and the only thing that really put me off was the formatting of the book itself.


I give Magic All Around 4 out of 5 pennies.

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