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Sicatra - The Tomb of Al-Aksar - Game Session 1

Adventuring Party
Bashir Al-Sah’a’den (PC – Desert Elf Scout/Holy Warrior of Justice)
Drej the Spider (PC ­– Half-Elven Dark One Thief/Wizard)
Sir Andrai Mikkalson (PC – Holy Warrior of War)
Talia Albinus Carnus Severus (PC – Half-Elf – Unknown)
Thrace (Sir Mikkalson’s Squire) (PC ­­– Squire)
Wendell (Sir Mikkalson’s Squire) (NPC – Squire)
Bara (Sir Mikkalson’s Squire) (NPC – Squire)

Note: This was ran as a MIB demo at my local game store

The Camel and the Crow Inn & Tavern
Weather: 89º F; 15 mph winds from the east
Third Month, 24th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Wazari, Tahwah-Sa

Bashir and Drej have been working together for a long time on the Edge (the area between the Northern Mountains and the Tahwah-Sa) and recently ended up at Al-Wazari with no money, no prospects, and a debt to the innkeeper of the Camel and the Crow. Overhearing a blustering warrior dressed all in plate talking about the treasure of Al-Aksar (a legendary warrior) and waving a map around, they investigate. After a few minutes, they decide that outright attacking him might be a bad idea and instead offer their services as guides. Sir Mikkalson accepts and pays them a flat sum of 120 silver pennies which they then use to buy supplies. Mikkalson tells them to meet him in the town square in the morning to go to the tomb.

The Camel and the Crow Inn & Tavern
Weather: 87º F; 15 mph winds from the east
Third Month, 25th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Wazari, Tahwah-Sa

Heading out from Al-Wazari the party encounters a group of orcs as they make camp. In the ensuing battle Wendell and Bara are slain outright by orcish archers and Thrace dies protecting his master. Sir Mikkalson and Talia fight back to back holding off the orcs until the leader puts an arrow through his eye. Knowing he’s dead, Mikkalson fights off half a dozen orcs before falling down. Talia and Bashir take care of the remaining orcs (Bashir nearly burns himself to death as he fumbles a vial of alchemist’s fire!) and try to help Sir Mikkalson who dies in Talia’s arms and makes Bashir promise to retrieve the Armor of Al-Aksar for his church. They strip the orcs of their gear and load them up on the camels (they lost one, bringing them down to seven) before burying their dead.

Unknown Oasis
Weather: 92º F; 5 mph winds from the east
Third Month, 26th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age

The party stumbles upon an unmarked oasis and camps there for the day since the Tomb is less than an hour away from their current location. While regaining their strength and letting Talia grieve, a caravan comes through with merchants on the run from an orcish raiding party. Bashir helps them by giving them two camels to replace ones that they lost and sells the excess gear to him in exchange for spices. The merchant, Azim ibn Jabiri, explains that he’ll be sticking around for a few days to refill his stores and let his people heal up. Talia explains that Sir Mikkalson had been studying the legends behind the Tomb and came across the map (which they used) as well as a reference to performing several tests before the burial chamber of Al-Aksar would be revealed. The first test was fairly detailed, but the others were not. Entrance to the Tomb requires a test of skill, intelligence, and courage – as well as a key. When Al-Aksar was buried there were three keys, each given to one of his remaining sons who then left the Tahwah-Sa for other lands.

The Tomb of Al-Aksar the Invincible
Weather: 94º F; 25 mph winds from the east; sandstorm
Third Month, 26th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age

Drej offers to perform the first test which requires a leap of faith. The inside of the entrance is a concave half circle with random keyholes all along the roof along with several petrified wood poles protruding. Bashir studies the document and points out the most probably keyhole and Drej gets to work. After a few death defying leaps and avoiding poles that are loose, he inserts the medallion-like key into the keyhole and the tomb opens. Talia warns that the tomb won’t stay open for more than three sunrises before shutting and trapping them inside. They immediately come to a small hallway with another complex clockwork door and a portcullis showing the next room. Drej picks the lock, avoids the needle trap, and opens the door in a single smooth motion. They go through several doors until several small dust devils form and a group of Prithvi as-Sharak appear. The fighting is intense, but they overcome it with Talia healing them both. Among the other treasures they actually find a small flying carpet. Two rooms over they encounter a group of skeletons which are easily defeated and they find another medallion-like key around on of their necks. The next room is a long, strange corridor filled with stone pillars and odd all-metal floating poles. Drej, being the best climber, volunteers again to navigate across and several leaps, back flips, and death defying jumps later he’s at the end of the corridor on a metal platform. As soon as he lands on it gravity seems to reverse and he nearly flies up into a ceiling filled with spiky death – instead he buries a dagger into the metal and pulls himself down enough to use the gravitional pull to reveal a stone button on the wall. From the other end of the room Bashir hits it with a arrow from his bow and thousands of small metallic tiles fly up from the chasm to form a floor that can be walked on and reveal a door that goes down. Using the key from the room with skeletons the door opens up to reveal a set of stairs to Al-Aksar’s burial chamber. Once inside they see his sarcophagus in the middle of the room with steps made from that strange metal. Thousands of glittery and shiny objects cover the room’s floor.
Talia and Bashir go up the steps while Drej remains behind. When Talia opens the sarcophagus a giant ooze of rotting meat and bones drops from the ceiling and makes its way to them. Bashir channels his magic into his bow and fires dozens of fiery arrows at, which while hurting it – doesn’t seem to slow it down. Talia tosses a few flasks of alchemist’s fire to Drej who then chucks both of them at the ooze which promptly bursts into flame.
            Looking at the “treasure,” they find that it’s all worthless junk of painted stone or wood. The sarcophagus is empty but for some dusty bones, but within lay a switch which opens steps underneath the small outcropping the sarcophagus is on. Inside they find the armor of Al-Aksar as well as a modest fortune in gold, jewels, etc. Loading it up on the carpet they head out of the dungeon and back to the oasis where they go back to Al-Wazari. Once back at the town, they split the spoils evenly (nine shares – one for each person on the quest and another for Talia’s church). Talia then leaves with a group of her fellow coreligionists to take the armor back to her people.

The Camel and the Crow Inn & Tavern
Weather: 99º F; 5 mph winds from the east
Third Month, 29th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Wazari, Tahwah-Sa

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