Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gamemaster’s Guidepost: Tainted Blood

GURPS Monster Hunters has become one of the more popular of the GURPS lines since it came out in 2012. It’s spawned tons of Pyramid articles and (on my part at least) lots of blog posts. One of the things that I personally liked about Monster Hunters was how it let you like a reformed “monster” (a common thing in the fiction that Monster Hunters draws from!). There are quite a few inhuman templates (and I’ve written a few), but there can always be room for more! In this post you’ll find a new inhuman option (the Tainted) as well as a new type of enemy category and a random roll table for those “gifted” by the Old Ones.

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  1. Can Patreon function with an annual subscription, or is it designed to be monthly only?

    1. It's just monthly for right now, though they are working on different pay models I think.