Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sicatra - The Lost Lad - Game Session 1

Adventuring Party
Ambrose Syndrillum (PC – Celestial Healing Priest)
Bashir Al-Sah’a’den (PC – Desert Elf Scout/Holy Warrior of Justice)
Drej the Spider (PC ­– Half-Elven Dark One Thief/Wizard)
Torqua ibn El-Kadar (PC – Half-Ogre Barbarian/Knight)
Jalaal (PC – Cat-folk Martial Artist)

Azeem Kurokk (NPC ­– Half-Orc? – Unknown)

The Monastery of the First Rays
Weather: 121º F; 2 mph winds from the south; clear skies
Ninth Month, 3rd Day, 789 of the Fifth Age

Having delivered the pilgrims and their precious cargo to the monastery the night before, the PCs are given breakfast and spend time with the abbot. When they leave the dining hall they encounter a small boy in novice robes crying in a corner. When asked what was wrong the weeping child responds that his friend (an older boy named Venni who works in the kitchens) left to go “hunt for treasure in the old tombs.” The PCs go off to find the boy, joined oddly enough by a wandering martial artist who’d been sunning himself. Following the tracks was easy and they find the boy running for his life from four monstrous scorpions. Drej ignores the combat as Azzem shoots a grapnel across the chasm separating the them from the boy and climbs across to save him.The fighting is intense and Bashir is severely wounded by a scorpion stinger to the groin, but Ambrose heals him and accidently draws the attention of his god who goes onto to bestow a blessing (for some unknown reason). The scorpions are tough, but not match as they take them out at range or by running underneath them. Torqua harvests venom from the giant creatures and they all head back to the monastery. They are thanked by the priests and then leave to head back to Al-Wazari.

The Camel and the Crow Inn & Tavern
Weather: 111º F; 12 mph winds from the south; clear skies
Ninth Month, 4th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Wazari, Tahwah-Sa

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