Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sicatra - The Pilgrims' Plea - Game Session 1

Adventuring Party
Ambrose Syndrillum (PC – Celestial Healing Priest)
Bashir Al-Sah’a’den (PC – Desert Elf Scout/Holy Warrior of Justice)
Drej the Spider (PC ­– Half-Elven Dark One Thief/Wizard)
Perilous Moonglow (PC – Unknown High-Elf Meistersinger/Mystic Swordsman/Thief)
Torqua ibn El-Kadar (PC – Half-Ogre Barbarian/Knight)

Azeem Kurokk (NPC ­– Half-Orc? – Unknown)
Brightscale (NPC – Szith – Animal Companion)
Muriss (NPC – Orecile – Animal Companion)
Nebrija Dhamari (NPC – Elf? – Unknown)
Unknown (NPC – Brownie – Unknown)

The Camel and the Crow Inn & Tavern
Weather: 123º F; 42 mph winds from the south; dust storm
Eight Month, 9th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Wazari, Tahwah-Sa

(Yes, they met in a tavern – hush) Stopping into the Camel and Crow to get the inn’s famous fried bread is a requirement when visiting Al-Wazari. Torqua and Ambrose nearly get into a brawl with some down-on-their-luck adventurers with a grudge against ogres, until Bashir sits down at their table, drinks from one of their mugs, and then bludgeons one of the agitators into unconsciousness. Setting the cup’s (broken) handle down on the table, he takes another of their mugs and sips at it looking at them without saying a single word. As one they leave. The tavern remains quiet for a few minutes as Bashir finishes his drink and goes back to his sit. Above him, his partner in crime, “the Spider” watches while sitting on the rafters (his typical sitting place). Ambrose salutes Bashir and the tavern goes back to its naturally loud and boisterous state. Perilous (who’d watched the whole thing), sheathes her blade before sitting back down and feeding a diminutive brownie some of her meal (he’d been refused service). After a time a large group of pilgrims come in, many of them wounded and all of them terrified. Perilous motions for them to come to her table and breaks out her healing kit before “singing” the wounds closed. Ambrose, realizing the pilgrims worship his god, Atnos, he also helps. Bashir and Drej meander over as well and the pilgrims explain how they were charged with delivering a sacred book (made of solid gold!) to the monks of the Monastery of the First Rays to the north. They’d been escorted by several holy warriors of Atnos, but they’d been slaughtered by some force they couldn’t see in the night. Afraid they were next they ran all the way into town. Almost as one the three different groups promise to retrieve the book for the pilgrims. Perilous convinces the others to join her and then goes to “sing for her supper.” She performs a ballad to influence the tavern patrons towards the pilgrims – which works well enough that they’re given a small purse of silver and rooms for the week. Outside a sandstorm kicks up.

Outside of Al-Wazari
Weather: 127º F; 12 mph winds from the south; clear skies
Eight Month, 10th to 11th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Wazari, Tahwah-Sa

Setting out from Al-Wazari, Bashir gets backing from Laith Allarri to offset some costs and purchases a camel big enough for Torqua to ride. They find the ambush site quickly enough, and thanks to Bashir’s amazing tracking skills and the help of the whole team they find a trail that had been hidden by magic and the sandstorm of the day before.  After a day of following the trail, Bashir leads them to an oasis nearby and they rest there for a day to escape the heat while he scouts ahead finding the end of the trail. The next they they travel to where the trail ended at one of the famous stone arches of the desert.

Ruined Ba’adahl al-qasr
Weather: 117º F; 5 mph winds from the south; clear skies
Eight Month, 12th - 13th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age

Before they can begin to walk up the pathway to the al-qasr a (fortified “castle-like” ba’adahl structure), they’re attacked by a massive force – an orc raiding party. The fighting is fierce and Torqua goes berserk, while Perilous “unleashes” Nebrija who begins to “smoke” darkness from his body as he sprints towards his enemies killing everything in his path. After it’s all said and done only a single orc remains alive, charmed by Perilous, who then relies everything he knows to the party. She then tells him to march off into the desert and rejoin his people. They head up to the al-qasr, whose doors have long since rotted away revealing a courtyard full of very life-like statues. Cautious, Torqua remarks that “it’s probably a ambush” and is rewarded with a ear inches from his face. Again, the fighting is fierce and Tor is severely injured by the gorgons, with the small brownie leading the charge on his tarantula war-mount (and being surprisingly effective!). After the gorgons are dead, Perilous, furious that they tried to ambush the party skins them (rather, gets Nebrija to do it) completely. The party makes their way into the al-qasr hoping to find the mastermind behind the theft, but the room that had been occupied is empty. All that remains is a (trapped) chest with some feminine under-things with the book of prayers underneath it. Leaning against a wall, Torqua accidently reveals a secret room that leads to a ba’adahl cache that’s mostly ruined, but still contains some useable weapons and gear. Collecting everything of value they head back to Al-Wazari, return the pilgrims their book, and sell the excess gear. A week later they escort the pilgrims to the Monastery of the First Rays before they come back to Al-Wazari.

The Camel and the Crow Inn & Tavern
Weather: 112º F; 5 mph winds from the south; clear skies
Fourth Month, 30th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Wazari, Tahwah-Sa

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