Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sicatra - The Caravan Job - Game Session 1

Adventuring Party
Ambrose Syndrillum (PC – Celestial Healing Priest)
Bashir Al-Sah’a’den (PC – Desert Elf Scout/Holy Warrior of Justice)
Drej the Spider (PC ­– Half-Elven Dark One Thief/Wizard)
Torqua ibn El-Kadar (PC – Half-Ogre Barbarian/Knight)

Azeem Kurokk (NPC ­– Half-Orc? – Unknown)
Talia Albinus Carnus Severus (NPC – Half-Elf – Unknown)

Along the Bank of the West Fork
Weather: 91º F; 7 mph winds from the west; clear skies
Ninth Month, 14th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age

Traveling the well-trod paths along the West Fork of the Great River, Bashir and the others have been asked by Laith Allarri to escort a small caravan to the city of Kejj. Unable to hire a Nytian warband thanks to things heating up in the North, he’s hired several mercenaries and asked an old friend (Talia) for help guarding his cargo. Having been on the road for four days they finally come to the pick-up point for the barge that will take them on the rest of their journey. Before anyone can react, the majority of the guards sprout orcish arrows with the remaining amount having their throats slit by traitorous mercs. Bashir takes control of the remaining forces and dismounts from his camel (as do the others) and prepare to face their enemies. To the west ride a small contingent of orc archers mounted on hygan (giant hyenas the size of horses; pronounced “Eye-Gan”). From the south, hidden under tarps spring a half-dozen trolls wearing armor and lead by an enormous (notorious and equally armored) troll swinging a giant halberd. Famous across the sands as a mercenary who will take any job – the bloodier the better –Araxten is like a force of nature. Unstoppable. Unflappable. Unforgiving. He rushes toward Talia viewing her the greatest threat. Splitting their forces, Talia, Drej, and Ambrose deal with the Araxten and the betrayers, while Bashir, Azeem, and Torqua deal with the other trolls. After several brief, but intense moments of fighting, Araxten has switched targets and attacks Ambrose (who makes his way over to Bashir along with Talia). Drej attacks the charging hygan cavalry, throwing multiple bottles of alchemist’s fire which causes the front row to crash. This causes the rows behind to slam into the rows in the front and so on, creating a big nasty pile up. Bashir follows this up with a binding shot from his bow which covers the giant burning pile of orc and hygan. He also manages to catch the remaining trolls in a similar predictment, freeing up Torqua (who’d already killed two of them by himself!) to help him with the leader. Araxten changes targets yet again, realizing Bashir is probably the most dangerous of his foes and when he can’t land a solid blow becomes enraged. It all becomes too much for Bashir, who falls to Araxten, crushed to death by his freakish, enraged strength. This gives the others a chance to breath and eventually, Torqua – along with help from the others – bring Araxten to his knees. They remove his head soon after that and burn the body along with the other trolls. Talia offers to try and resurrect Bashir, but asks for others to help pay the cost (which they agree to). Unsurprisingly (since every time Bashir is healed with magic the caster rolls a critical success), Talia’s spell goes perfectly, so perfectly that the magic of the spell infuses Bashir’s body with a overabundance of life energy as he comes back from the dead.
            They never find the traitor, but a few hours later they convince a water barge to bring them and the wagon to Kejj.

The Great Library
Weather: 89º F; 4 mph winds from the east; duststorm
Ninth Month, 19th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age

Kejj, Tahwah-Sa


  1. A lot of trollish behavior on our blogs; yours, mine and Peter's. A worthy challenge for a group of 250pt heroes.

    1. It was Bashir's player's fault. He was the one that decided that "Bonsai Troll" should be a thing. We spend the better part of a hour trying to get our shit together and act like adults so that we could continue on. And this happened MONTHS ago, B.M (Before Mungo).