Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sicatra - The Twisted Vault - Game Session 1

Adventuring Party
Ambrose Syndrillum (PC – Celestial Healing Priest)
Bashir Al-Sah’a’den (PC – Desert Elf Scout/Holy Warrior of Justice)
Drej the Spider (PC – Half-Elven Dark One Thief/Wizard)
Perilous Moonglow (PC – Unknown Meistersinger/Mystic Swordsman/Thief)
Torqua ibn El-Kadar (PC – Half-Giant Barbarian/Knight)

Azeem Kurokk (NPC – Half-Orc? – Unknown)
Brightscale (NPC – Szith – Animal Companion)
Muriss (NPC – Orecile – Animal Companion)
Nebrija Dhamari (NPC – Elf? – Unknown)

Weather: 85º F; 29 mph winds from the south; clear skies
Ninth Month, 29th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Wazari, Tahwah-Sa

Stepping off the barge from Kejj and traveling a few miles into the Al-Wazari Township they find the small hamlet half destroyed. The townspeople tell of the man known as Rhys (the same one who had threatened violence against Torqua in the Camel and Crow weeks earlier) who came into town with a bunch of his men and tore the place up. The townspeople ran away because they seemed to be physically much stronger than they should have been. With many hurt and two dead, Bashir promises to bring the men to justice and the rest of his companions follow suit. Ambrose heals the wounded and Bashir finds the tracks of the thieves outside of town. They leave before noon and set off to find Rhys and his men.
          The first two days are uneventful rushes across sandy dunes and hard-packed earth as they head further and further south. Deciding to take the jungle pass instead of the rockier and harsher mountain canyons they encounter a small tribe of cannibal pygmies in the night. Perilous convinces them they’re actually another tribe and not only stops them from trying to eat the PCs, but lead them through safer paths through the jungle.
The next three days are spent trekking through the canyons and they continue to find remnants of the bandits trail, but no bandits. On the sixth day, they camp just outside an old mining town – Al-Madina and enter it on the morning of the seventh.

The first thing they see is the Temple to the Sun God, but thanks to some badly timed actions on the PCs and the temple’s faithful they nearly get into a brawl. Ambrose convinces everyone to calm down and Perilous works her “magic” on the crowd. They start asking questions of the locals and get some pretty startling answers.
It seems the town has been having troubles of its own and they’d taken in the bandits (not knowing who they were) and patched them up, but they’d disappeared out of the infirmary days later. The townsfolk are getting scared as sightings of monsters and strange beings are reported. More than that entire families have disappeared from homes not behind the walls with blood and gore…but no corpses.
Resolving to investigate in the morning they bed down at the local tavern – the Headbucket Inn & Tavern.

Weather: 89º F; 9 mph winds from the south; clear skies
Tenth Month, 7th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa

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