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Sicatra - The Twisted Vault - Game Session 2

Adventuring Party
Ambrose Syndrillum (PC – Celestial Healing Priest)
Bashir Al-Sah’a’den (PC – Desert Elf Scout/Holy Warrior of Justice)
Drej the Spider (PC – Half-Elven Dark One Thief/Wizard)
Perilous Moonglow (PC – Unknown Meistersinger/Mystic Swordsman/Thief)
Torqua ibn El-Kadar (PC – Half-Giant Barbarian/Knight)

Brightscale (NPC – Szith – Animal Companion)
Muriss (NPC – Orecile – Animal Companion)
Nebrija Dhamari (NPC – Elf? – Unknown)

Weather: 97º F; 1 mph winds from the south; overcast
Tenth Month, 8th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa

Splitting into two groups, Drej and Bashir head outside the township to investigate one of the farms whose occupants disappeared without a trace. Perilous, Toqua, Nebrija, and Ambrose head to Alane Ahnir’s homesteads – one of the few remaining farms still working and feeding the city. They stay long enough in Al-Madina to see a cavaransai arrive in town loaded with food for trade from the town’s blacksmith and one of its selectmen – Skorka ibn Sukar.

Drej the Spider and Bashir Al-Sah’a’den
Weather: 97º F; 1 mph winds from the south; overcast
Tenth Month, 8th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Falmahyn Homestead, Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa

Drej carefully enters the farmhouse only to find the floor brown with old sticky blood – just no bodies. No strange footprints or other oddities are found, but Drej examines the blood splatter along the walls and deduces whatever was here was probably bipedal, clawed, and of man-like shape.
            Outside, Bashir rummages around looking for track and spoor and comes to similar conclusions – whatever it is that’s plaguing the countryside is humanoid, but not human. The depth of the tracks (which are incredibly faint) suggest a humanoid, but a heavy one. They then make their way to the Ahnir farm to share what they’ve learned.

Ambrose Syndrillum, Perilous Moonglow, & Torqua ibn El-Kadar
Weather: 101º F; 4 mph winds from the south; overcast
Tenth Month, 8th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Ahnir Homestead, Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa

Coming to the Ahnir farm, Perilous senses magic at work and deduces the effects of a Hedgestone1 within the stone fence surrounding the farmland. Making their way to the farmhouse, they find Alane Ahnir, his family, and his farmhands hard at work sheering sheep, carting wool, and spindling it into cloth to be dyed.
            Ambrose offers to heal any sick or wounded, while Perilous speaks with Alane. When he heals the wounds of one of Alane’s sons he asks the farmer what happened. Alane explains that for some time they get attacked in the night by monstrous people. His youngest daughter, Avanai, even shows the cleric a sketch of what they saw and after a few minutes racking his brains he concludes that they are dealing with Voidspawn2.
After some verbal sparring Perilous discovers Alane is actually a skraelingar3 from the Far East – hiding in plain sight. She asks about the Hedgestone and requests to have Nebrija examine it to see if its effects could be reproduced. Alane doesn’t seem particularly enthusiastic, but requests he have a night to think it over.
After Drej and Bashir arrive they speak with one another and Torqua decide to help Alane finish adding onto his farmhouse (which is made almost entirely from stone) by retrieving stone from a nearby quarry in the mountains. In doing so they might gain his favor. Perilous and Drej say behind at the farm, the former to help in the kitchens and the latter to help provide protective “overwatch.”
The drive to the quarry is uneventful and the PCs manage to haul back a huge amount of stone thanks to Nebrija’s earth-magic and the combined strength of the others.
            The next day the PCs begin to build onto the unfinished partion and manage to expand Ahnir’s house by nearly four times its current space as well as creating a basement and tapping into the nearby cistern so water can be piped right into the home. In thanks he agrees to let their scholar study the Hedgestone – but they must protect his farm for however long he does.

Weather: 84º F; 17 mph winds from the south; clear skies
Tenth Month, 11th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age

Ahnir Homestead, Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa

1 A Hedgestone is a magical artifact that provides a supernatural barrier to any being who wishes the owner or his allies (the person who placed it in the wall) harm. It does this be creating a unnatural fog the foes get lost in and actually causing damage should they manage to attack the owner or his allies (even if they fail to land a hit).
2 Voidspawn are Sicatra’s version of Elder Things.
3 An ancient race of men sometimes called “wind princes” who have the innate ability to bond with gryphons and other avian creatures.

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