Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sicatra - The Bloodied and the Banal - Game Session 1

Adventuring Party
Altehr'un (PC – Brawny Avatar – God of Harmony, Clockwork, Timekeeping, and Glass)
Amorenai (PC – Versatile Avatar – Goddess of Athletics, Beauty, House cats, Love, the first Moon, Music, and Songs)
Ghermukhannu (PC – Agile Avatar – God of Guile, Journeys, Monkeys, Mischief, and Travelers)
Imir (PC – Brainy Avatar – Goddess of Time, Fate, Space, Portals, Rebirth & Beginnings, and Starlight)
Jin-Yunna (PC – Versatile Avatar – God of Enlightenment, Logic, Psionics, Riddles, and Unarmed Combat)

Gram (NPC – Brainy Avatar – Semidivine being who determines where the dead go in the afterlife)
Jortha (PC – Versatile Avatar – Goddess of Naval Warfare, Oceans and Seas, Sailors, Storms, Watercraft, and Wind)
Malakai rue Mors (NPC – Versatile Archetype – Godsbane and Bonecarver)

The Story Thus Far… The PCs has fallen from the 10,000 Heavens. While they have access to some of their abilities, but they are only their “core-most” powers. Bound into an earthly form (akin to an avatar “husk”) they’ve either directly witnessed or heard tales of gods dying in this incarnated state (something that happened early on during the Giant’s Rebellion before the use of avatars). Luckily, they knew that something was going to happen, just not what. Shortly after the Giant’s Rebellion, Imir formed a group – the Watchers of the Eternal Flame (named after the primordial note of Fire and its location between the material world and the Void) – to keep track of the giant’s movements. Later on, this group began to keep track of some of the other god’s goings on at Imir’s command. After the fall they’ve done their best to locate some of the other Watchers, all the while looking for Imir to find out what’s really going on. They’ve found their way to Khath – imperial capital of the Draculari Empire – as that was one of the meeting places to go should anything happen. They’ve laid low in the city (or outside it), but have recently received a missive from Imir herself directing them to make their way to one of the noble’s estates up Khath’s spiral. As the sun goes down they find their way heading there…

Altehr'un, Amorenai, Ghermukhannu, Imir, & Jin-Yunna
Weather: 24º F; 12 mph winds from the east; foggy
Eighth Month, 5th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Khath, Veneficia

Meeting half-way to the rue Mors estate, the three deities warmly greet one another before heading inside. Alterhr’un notices someone watching the estate and tells Imir and Ghermukhannu (who’d been there for several weeks) what they’ve seen. Imir “reads” her vassal, Alterhr’un’s, mind and replays the event. Not liking what she sees, she moves up her plan to get them out of the city. She explains to the others that while Ilios’ godly form may have been destroyed, he had an avatar on mortal plane at the time that survived the psychic backlash of his death at the hands of the rogue band of divinities. Ocmos, god of loss struck the final blow that landed the mortal blow on Ilios and caused severe memory loss in his avatar. Imir, ever faithful to her husband wants to restore his memories so he can help bring about order to the chaos that they find themselves in.
            Jin suggests that they use the various underground pathways originally built by the dwarves to make their way to the docks. Atnos (god of the sun) and Rayna (goddess of archery and messengers) who are both children of Ilios and Imir, take up watchful positions as the others go to Malakai’s lab since that was where he’d wandered off to. Moments after they come in several men – Zytarrin (god of slaughters and massacres) Cultists – burst in through the windows and doors and begin attacking. They are quickly put down, though Jin knocks one out for questioning. They immediately leave for the docks through the underground passages. Once they reach the docks they find them on fire and burning to cinders, and Jortha (goddess of the sea and storms) fighting against Autorrin (god of natural disasters and accidents).
            Autorrin tries to flee as soon as he sees the others coming for him, but Imir captures him in bubble of slowed time. Despite her anger at burning the docks and Jortha’s ship (The Sea Bitch’s Wrath) Imir doesn’t kill Autorrin as she can sense that while he is being malicious, he has not violated serent (the “divine” order). Instead, she imprisons Autorrin in Knowhere (her personal extraplanar demesne) till she can decide what to do with him.
            After Jortha begins to complain about lack of a ship, Malakai offers the use of the one he’s made as a presentation to the Imperial Academy of Sciences and Technology. Heading back toward the upper spires, they break into the Imperial Academy. One inside they perform some last minute repairs and additions (sped up thanks to Alterhr’un’s mastery of all things clockwork). Jin and Alterhr’un’s create a clockwork device imbued with psychic energy that can turn the ship completely invisible thanks to mind-magic.
            Before they can activate the device, several grappling hooks are launched at the sides and more Zytarrin cultists scramble up the hull of the ship. Alterhr’un and Ghermukhannu led the way taking down several cultists, but are stopped when Rezina (goddess of sickness and poison) begin peppering them with arrows from atop her perch on the mast. The others move in for the kill as Imir and Jortha protectively shield Malakai…

Weather: 24º F; 12 mph winds from the east; foggy
Eighth Month, 5th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age

Khath, Veneficia

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