Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sicatra - The Twisted Vault - Game Session 5

Adventuring Party
Bashir Al-Sah’a’den (PC – Desert Elf Scout/Holy Warrior of Justice)
Drej the Spider (PC – Half-Elven Dark One Thief/Wizard)
Perilous Moonglow (PC – Unknown Meistersinger/Mystic Swordsman/Thief)
Sir Rolf Stoneshield (PC – Earth-Infused – Knight)
Tantalus von Darkon (PC – Human – Necromancer)
Guinevere Raynes (PC – Nymph – Holy Warrior of the Harvest)
Bil Doorsbane (PC – Half-Ogre – Brute)

Marko Blinz, Jr. (NPC – Dwarf ­– Squire [Secular Squire])
Talia Albinus Carnus Severus (NPC – Half-Elf – Unknown)
Tanor Rynson (NPC – Human ­– Squire [Holy Squire])
Vanor Rynson (NPC – Human ­– Squire [Holy Squire])
Wrykin (NPC – Human – Barbarian)

Muriss (NPC Ally – Orecile – Animal Companion)
Nebrija Dhamari (NPC Ally – Elf? – Unknown)
Alex Larre (NPC Ally – Servitor Skeleton)

Note: This was ran as a MIB demo at ROFCON 2015.

The Story Thus Far for Guinevere Raynes and Bil Doorsbane…

Having come in the same cavern as Sir Rolf and Tantalus, Guinevere and Bil had been sent by Skorza to investigate the villager’s disappearances at the outer farms, while the others went right to the copper mines. After checking out several farms, they followed a trail back to the mines and manage to make it their before Sir Rolf and Tantalus. They met Talia and her Warband, who directed them inside. Once inside, they took the North door, while the rest of the delvers had taken the west door. They ended up in the kitchen where the animated objects quickly subdued them and put them in the pantry until the others found them, freed them, and as a group they continued to try and discover why the villagers were disappearing…

Weather: 82º F; 3 mph winds from the south; overcast
Tenth Month, 12th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Lidis’ Workshop, Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa

Hearing a noise in the pantry, Perilous and Alex free Guinevere and Bil from their temporary imprisonment. With Sir Rolf and Tantalus vouching for them, the augmented party continues inward. Following a corridor to the west, they’re ambushed by a series of Watchers at the Edge of Time. Despite the Watcher’s superior ambush capability, they’re quickly dispatched thanks to both luck and skill (mostly luck) even when they call in reinforcements. Making their way down the corridor, they come to a heavily trapped double-door covered from jamb to knob with death runes. Unable to check for further traps, Bil steps up and begins chopping down the door until both lay unhinged. The room the magical trap had been guarding was…sleeping chambers - however unoccupied. Once again looting the room, they manage to fit the colossal bed made of petrified dragonbone in Bashir’s jaimya. After stealing all the clothing from the racks, Perilous dressed Bil up in some of the finery (including a magical sash which enhances the wearers gravitas). It’s Tantalus that discovers the secret door behind the magical mirror leading to a meditation chamber where a ragamuffin of a man is seen “holding” a sphere of utter nothingness. After a short battle in which Guinevere slammed her shield into the strange man’s groin, followed by Bil launching Perilous at said groin - heel first (hitting it again) - making him stagger back at which point he disappeared as the black orb of nothingness came to his hand. Bashir, in a stunning moment of skill, tracks the Ragamuffin Man through the portal he created causing the gate to stay open long enough for everyone to pass through.
          Once on the other side of the portal lay the giant cavern and the entrance into Lidis’ workshop. There the Ragamuffin Man has summoned giant toad-men, more Watchers, and a force field that protects him as he conjures greater and greater numbers. The adventurers devise a plan mid-battle with Nebrija, Drej, Rolf, and Guinevere keeping the Ragamuffin Man’s minions off of Bashir, Perilous, Tantalus, and Bil while they go after their master. Tantulus casts a dispelling, which Bashir “channels” into an arrow before unleashing it at the force field. As soon as the field is down Perilous and Bil rush forth and begin slicing at the Ragamuffin Man. Perilous takes off a hand and jumps straight up as Bil lunges with his glaive, hitting, but not penetrating the Ragamuffin Man’s defenses. Perilous hops onto the hafted weapon as the two fight and look for an opening in his defenses. Eventually, Bil launches Perilous into the air and fakes out the Ragamuffin Man, only to have Bil slice of his other hand. The blow is so powerful it actually keeps going and cuts the Ragamuffin Man in half killing him. Perilous packs up the floating black orb and the Ragamuffin Man’s corpse (to identify who he is later). Soon after the cavern start to shake and the ceiling starts to fall down on the adventurers who rush back outside just in time before the mine collapses. As they look up into the sky, they see a rip in the very fabric of reality appear on the side of the mountain and things begin to pour out. In desperation, Perilous uses the sphere and after a brief battle of wills, forces the rift closed. But it’s too late; the creatures are heading for Al-Madina and the innocent townsfolk there.

Weather: 89º F; 7 mph winds from the south; overcast
Tenth Month, 12th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Old Copper Mines, Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa

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