Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Carpe Blogiem: Schedule Changes

As of August 2015 my schedule for posting days is going to change up a bit, it will be as follows:

1st Week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Patreon Special).
2nd Week: Tuesday and Thursday.
3rd Week: Tuesday and Thursday.
4th Week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Patreon Special).

This is a temporary change and we'll be back to 3/posts a week as soon as possible. All of this is not to say I won't post something on a day not scheduled! These are just the days that I will be for sure (barring illness or accident) for posting something. For my Patreon patrons, you guys will continue to get your Specials on time, except I'll be moving the second Special to the last Saturday of the month instead of the penultimate Saturday.

One more thing, for the first time in about 10 years I'm going to take birthday vacation. So from Monday September 14th, 2015 to Monday September 28th, 2015 I'm not going to really be available. (For Patreon patrons, I'll post both monthly Specials in the first half of the month). After that I'll be back and hard at work trying to make my blog a better place for all you fine readers. If you folks have any requests - this is the post for them. Thanks again for taking the time to come on by - I'll try to continue to be entertaining. :-)

With Regards,

Christopher R. Rice

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