Monday, July 13, 2015

Sicatra - The Bloodied and the Banal - Game Session 2

Adventuring Party
Ghermukhannu (PC – Agile Avatar – God of Guile, Journeys, Monkeys, Mischief, and Travelers)
Imir (PC – Brainy Avatar – Goddess of Time, Fate, Space, Portals, Rebirth & Beginnings, and Starlight)
Jin-Yunna (PC – Versatile Avatar – God of Enlightenment, Logic, Psionics, Riddles, and Unarmed
Johren (PC – Brawny Avatar – God of Defense and Protection, Exploration and adventurers, Weather, Thunder and Lightning, and Physical strength)

Gram (NPC – Brainy Avatar – Semidivine being who determines where the dead go in the afterlife)
Jortha (PC – Versatile Avatar – Goddess of Naval Warfare, Oceans and Seas, Sailors, Storms, Watercraft, and Wind)
Malakai rue Mors (NPC – Versatile Archetype – Godsbane and Bonecarver)

Note: Ran as an MIB demo at my local game store.

Ghermukhannu, Imir, Jin-Yunna, & Jorenna
Weather: 24º F; 12 mph winds from the east; foggy
Eighth Month, 5th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Khath, Veneficia

Gram and Jortha lose control of the ship as they spiral toward the ground. Alterhr’un merges himself with the ship in order to gain control of it and Sulio’s backup plan shifts into action as Amorenai disappears (a long-term, semi-sapient illusion created by Sulio) and surprisingly Jorenna falls from the heavens and onto the ship having just “fell.”

The battle is intense and Jin-Yunna is wounded gravely, along with Yentros and Ocmos who are ejected from the ship. Rezina quickly flees as well, shifting into a swarming mass of stinging insects.

Setting the ship down at a nearby lake to collect potable water, both Jin and Imir notice something odd about the area. After a while they realize that the shi or spiritual energy of the area is imbalanced and is causing a slow crawl into a full imbalance. Imir as the creator of the shenin tries to correct the balance with the help of her fellow gods. It takes a few hours and when finished not only is the imbalance corrected, but the flow was sharpened to such a degree that it became a “holy place.” After taking on water and fishing, the Windrunner took off again and toward their destination. The second key to the Windgate of Oggridu.

Weather: 24º F; 20 mph winds from the east; foggy
Eighth Month, 5th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Khath, Veneficia

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