Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sicatra - The Bloodied and the Banal - Game Session 5

Adventuring Party
Autora (PC – Versitile Avatar – Goddess of Abundance, Agriculture, Alcohol, Bees, Family, Good weather, Hearth, and Midwives)
Ghermukhannu (PC – Agile Avatar – God of Guile, Journeys, Monkeys, Mischief, and Travelers)
Imir (PC – Brainy Avatar – Goddess of Time, Fate, Space, Portals, Rebirth & Beginnings, and Starlight)
Johren (PC – Brawny Avatar – God of Defense and Protection, Exploration and adventurers, Weather, Thunder and Lightning, and Physical strength)
Sulio (PC – Versatile Avatar – God of Illusions, Mirages, Personas, Chameleons, and Performance Art)
Tierian (PC – Brawny Avatar – God Of Earth And Stone, Architecture, Engineering And Construction, Gems and Jewelry, Mountains, Mining, and Precious Metals)

Eternity (NPC – Brawny Avatar – Semidivine being who is the physical embodiment of starlight)
Gram (NPC – Brainy Avatar – Semidivine being who determines where the dead go in the afterlife)
Jortha (PC – Versatile Avatar – Goddess of Naval Warfare, Oceans and Seas, Sailors, Storms, Watercraft, and Wind)
Malakai rue Mors (NPC – Versatile Archetype – Godsbane and Bonecarver)

The Story So Far…

The PCs begin training Malakai in all manner of combat and battle. They also themselves learn how to actually sail the ship without Altehr'un’s help and have settled into a routine: find the location of the keys to the windgate, travel there stopping for supplies as needed, and activate the key. Ever since the battle at the Well of Souls Valley the PCs have toned down their use of their godly powers making it difficult to impossible to be found by Zyttarin’s forces.

Weather: 18º F; 16 mph winds from the north; heavy snow
Ninth Month, 4th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Madin, Veneficia

The PCs land at the site of the third key - a giant glacial cave. Upon entry into the cave the ghost of a skraelingar warrior appears and informs them that in order to access the key they’ll first have to pass three trails: a physical one, a mental one, and a spiritual one. The first trial - taken on by Johren - involves killing the cave’s guardian a giant bear. Johren instead subdues the bear and they become friends after exchanging belly scratches and nuzzles.

The second trial is a game of lujin (a type of board game utilizing tiles that plays like a cross between chess and a modern collectable card game), which Imir handily wins in seconds. The third trial is one of sacrifice and the Monkey King realizes he’s the least important of the group offers himself up. Autora holds the knife, but before she can slit the god’s throat the key appears and the knife disappears. It had been a test of willingness and not actual sacrifice. As they leave, the ghostly guardian disappears and the cave seals itself. Since the next key is only a few days away, the PCs make a rush toward it.

Weather: 14º F; 16 mph winds from the north; heavy snow
Ninth Month, 7th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Madin, Veneficia

The fourth key is hidden in the hearth of a forgotten giant stronghold. Underneath the broken chimney is a series of hidden tunnels created for the express purpose of hidden the key. Autora speaks to the spirit of the hearth and it tells her its secrets allowing the PCs to bypass the guardians in the crypt (lindworms) and go right to the key. Leaving the sad place behind, Autora takes a stone from the hearth and transports its lonely spirit to the Windrunner’s main fireplace. Heading to the next location, they hope they can find the island before the world plummets into an eternal ice age.

Weather: 14º F; 16 mph winds from the north; heavy snow
Ninth Month, 8th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Madin, Veneficia

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