Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sicatra - The Bloodied and the Banal - Game Session 4

Adventuring Party
Autora (PC – Versitile Avatar – Goddess of Abundance, Agriculture, Alcohol, Bees, Family, Good weather, Hearth, and Midwives)
Ghermukhannu (PC – Agile Avatar – God of Guile, Journeys, Monkeys, Mischief, and Travelers)
Imir (PC – Brainy Avatar – Goddess of Time, Fate, Space, Portals, Rebirth & Beginnings, and Starlight)
Johren (PC – Brawny Avatar – God of Defense and Protection, Exploration and adventurers, Weather, Thunder and Lightning, and Physical strength)
Sulio (PC – Versatile Avatar – God of Illusions, Mirages, Personas, Chameleons, and Performance Art)
Tierian (PC – Brawny Avatar – God Of Earth And Stone, Architecture, Engineering And Construction, Gems and Jewelry, Mountains, Mining, and Precious Metals)

Eternity (NPC – Brawny Avatar – Semidivine being who is the physical embodiment of starlight)
Gram (NPC – Brainy Avatar – Semidivine being who determines where the dead go in the afterlife)
Jortha (PC – Versatile Avatar – Goddess of Naval Warfare, Oceans and Seas, Sailors, Storms, Watercraft, and Wind)
Malakai rue Mors (NPC – Versatile Archetype – Godsbane and Bonecarver)

Weather: 21º F; 4 mph winds from the east; heavy snow
Eighth Month, 12th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Madin, Veneficia

The PCs venture into the necropolis, leaving behind Sulio and Autora at the Windrunner. While inside the walls of the necropolis, Malakai grows angry at its state of disrepair and for a moment, Imir sees the Judge behind his mortal eyes. Tierian and Imir use their collective capabilities to bring the necropolis back to pristine condition. Johren and Tierian then use their great strength to force open the doors (the counterweight had long been broken). Once inside it was a matter of accessing the hidden area where the gate key was located, activating it, and heading back to the ship.

Back on board, they realize that Jortha is missing – and that’s when Luhr (the god of madness) appears with Rezina (goddess of poison and disease), Yentrus (goddess of famine and hunger), and Ocmos (god of forgetfulness, loss, and false memories). He’s taken Jortha hostage and beaten her half to death in the process. Luhr gives them the option to trade Malakai for her, but Jortha tells them not to and then a massive battle breaks out that lasts over an hour and culiminates with Yentrus being killed by Malakai and Ocmos being killed by Ghermukhannu. Luhr and Rezina flee the battle and the others do not pursue them.

Taking a couple days the gods create a hidden paradise and put out a call to their worshippers. Tierian builds the mountains high and fills them with riches. Autora makes the soil fertile. Imir rapidly ages the trees in the area, making them tall and huge. Sulio creates a mystical “forbidding” making it impossible for rogue deities or their worshippers from entering the valley. Ghermukhannu makes the valley impossible to find except by the invited or those who’ve already been there. Johren creates a group of spirits to watch over those within the valley. They then leave the city and its new inhabitants and head to the next key’s location.

Weather: 11º F; 16 mph winds from the east; heavy snow
Eighth Month, 19th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Madin, Veneficia

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