Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sicatra - The Bloodied and the Banal - Game Session 3

Adventuring Party
Autora (PC – Versitile Avatar – Goddess of Abundance, Agriculture, Alcohol, Bees, Family, Good weather, Hearth, and Midwives)
Ghermukhannu (PC – Agile Avatar – God of Guile, Journeys, Monkeys, Mischief, and Travelers)
Imir (PC – Brainy Avatar – Goddess of Time, Fate, Space, Portals, Rebirth & Beginnings, and Starlight)
Johren (PC – Brawny Avatar – God of Defense and Protection, Exploration and adventurers, Weather, Thunder and Lightning, and Physical strength)
Sulio (PC – Versatile Avatar – God of Illusions, Mirages, Personas, Chameleons, and Performance Art)
Tierian (PC – Brawny Avatar – God Of Earth And Stone, Architecture, Engineering And Construction, Gems and Jewelry, Mountains, Mining, and Precious Metals)

Eternity (NPC – Brawny Avatar – Semidivine being who is the physical embodiment of starlight)
Gram (NPC – Brainy Avatar – Semidivine being who determines where the dead go in the afterlife)
Jortha (PC – Versatile Avatar – Goddess of Naval Warfare, Oceans and Seas, Sailors, Storms, Watercraft, and Wind)
Malakai rue Mors (NPC – Versatile Archetype – Godsbane and Bonecarver)

The Story Thus Far for Autora and Tierian…
Autora and Tierian fell from the 10,000 Heavens only a few days before finding their way to Madin. Having encountered a small group of Zytarrin’s servitors (semidivine beings who were his servitors and messengers before he went rogue). Barely escaping with their lives they realized that they were being tracked by the use of their godly powers. Making their way to a small town inhabited by nothing but children and begin to take care of them as they plot their next move…

Weather: 24º F; 12 mph winds from the east; foggy
Eighth Month, 11th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Madin, Veneficia

Since the second key to activate the Windgate to Oggdriu lies in the sprawling necropolis of Sulinkhudus (the last remaining cared-for memorial site from soldiers who fought in the Giant’s Rebellion) the PCs have stopped at the town of Madin long enough hto resupply and enter into the necropolis. But before they can do this, Autora and Tierian met them at the outskirts of town to face down what they think are other rogue deities. Once they get close enough they realize that their allies have arrived. Unfortunately, both Autora and Tierian were tricked by the town’s inhabitants who have been secretly worshipping Zytarrin. More than that, the bloodthirsty deity has found a way to tap into the power of a soul – something that no god should ever do. The last 36 inhabitants of Madin became soulless, cannibalistic monsters.

After a short (very) one-sided fight, the PCs devise a solution to the problem: they’ll just create new souls for the children. Tierian forges several crystals to contain the artificial constructs and the other gods imbue it with a portion of their power as Sulio forges a “personality overlay” of the children’s original selves. Finally, Autora “births” the souls into the world and Imir weaves them into the Tapestry of Fate. Since the head is the seat of the soul, the children are restrained as the crystalline gems are placed into their third eye to bind them to their new bodies. By the time the sky darkens all children have been “re-ensouled” and changed their fates forever.

Weather: 38º F; 19 mph winds from the east; light snow
Eighth Month, 11th Day, 802 of the Fifth Age
Madin, Veneficia

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