Monday, October 5, 2015

Carpe Blogiem: Blogcation 2015

I've talked about going on vacation before and now is the time. I'm going early for couple of reasons:

Reason #1: The man I call father has had a stroke and I need to do everything I can to help make sure that he gets to doctor's appointments, clean the house, etc. It was sudden and out of the blue - he's in great shape and the doctors have no idea why he had a stroke. :-/
Reason #2: I need a vacation to recharge my batteries a bit. This year has been intensely stressful. Reason #3: My mother's home (where I live) is being remodeled and it's taking everyone's everything to get it in working order. My room is next and I don't see being able to work efficiently with construction going on. So I'm going to go try and relax and make sure my family's okay.
Reason #4: It's my birthday on the 16th and I've not had a vacation on my birthday for something like 10 years.

I'll be back on November 3rd with plenty of new material for those who follow my blog and patrons alike. Till then, thanks for stopping by and making this place what it is. If you have requests for material or subject matter to be covered post at the comments section in the bottom and when I get back I'll start work on them. :-)

With Regards,

Christopher R. Rice

GURPS101: Magical Styles – Luna di Fiamma

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