Saturday, November 7, 2015

GURPS101: More Bioenhancement Abilities for Monster Hunter Experiments

The Experiment template is one of the cooler ones in GURPS Monster Hunters in my opinion. They’ve got a wide-range of capabilities and have an “otherness” quality that can make them more fun to play than the inhuman if done right. But what is an experiment other than a collection of neat powers? So maybe add a free more neat powers to the mix and see what happens… in today’s special, the experiment gets some love with a couple of new Bioenhancement abilities.
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  1. I think there is an error in the pricing write-up of Metacognitive Comprehension.
    You wrote:
    "You begin with one “slot” for a skill or advantage, which costs 0
    points plus 0 points per point you can learn for that slot."