Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sicatra - The Edge of Twilight - Game Session 1

Operating Team
Rhiannon Redarch (PC – Avatar of Imir– Sage)
Sophia Nelli (PC – Hero of Sulio– Scout)
Vesevius Dox (PC – Hero of Ghermukhannu – Sage)
Viekas Linna (PC – Hero of Johren– Hunter-of-all-Trades)

Kelios “the Hellhoudn” Nazari (NPC – Avatar of Ilios – Hunter-of-all-Trades)
Strom (NPC Animal Companion)

The Story Thus Far… With someone killing members of the Order of the Iron Hound, Grandmaster Janos assigns his right hand, Chancellor Redarch to assemble a team of Hounds to find the killer and put a stop to their actions.

Rhiannon Redarch
Weather: 38ºF; 12 mph winds from the east; heavy rain
Sivna, 11th Day, 2,071 A.G.
The Iron Citadel, Khrysaor Valley, Abolethe

Rhiannon, fresh from her meeting with the Grandmaster, puts her new directive to test and frees the “war criminal” (and her mate) from Crow Tower – a place for the most dangerous beings the Order is forced to capture instead of outright kill. She gives Kelios the rundown on the situation and asks him to help her put together a team and stop the murder of their fellow Hounds. Going into the black files (for the dishonored or disowned operatives), Kelios gives Rhiannon a few names and the two set off to find the first three of their potential recruits.

Rhiannon Redarch
Weather: 38ºF; 12 mph winds from the east; heavy rain
Sivna, 22nd Day, 2,071 A.G.
Maryrn Forest, Abolethe

Deep in the Maryrn Forest at the mouth of the Khrysaor Valley sits a small trapper shack where their first recruit, Sophia Nelli, is currently living. After extorting huge amounts of gold from a noble to slay a druagr she was put on extended leave and investigated. At first, Sophia wants nothing to do with this “new mission,” but Rhiannon bribes her with a cleared name and record as well as increased pay. Sophia packs her meager belongings and leaves with her new team for the city of Tethyrin.

Rhiannon Redarch & Sophia Nelli
Weather: 46ºF; 7 mph winds from the east; light rain
Ust, 4th Day, 2,071 A.G.
Tethyrin, Abolethe

The last two recruits are in the massive harbor-city of Tethyrin. Visiting the House of Pages (a famous temple-library of Uhjun) they look for their next recruit: Vesevius Dox, a famous Hound with training from both the Keepers and the Warmasters of Tanlorn. Dox retired to a non-field position after the Seige of Tor Ivelline (where he also earned the nickname “Seigebreaker”) when his entire Hound unit was forced to help put down a rebellion. Tired of the slaughter, Dox entered Ivelline and singlehandedly killed fifty men in under an hour and ended the siege.

It takes Rhiannon a little while to convince Dox to come work for her, but he eventually agrees and the ever-growing team goes to find their last recruit.

Heading to the world-famous Tethyrinian docks, Rhiannon ends up in a dive bar where their last recruit, Viekas Linna (heir to the Linna mercantile empire), is entertaining the bar with one of his stories. Unfortunately, a bar brawl breaks out and the entire tavern turns into a blood bath. Just as quickly, Rhiannon lets out a high C note and the fighting comes to a halt. She admonishes the crowd, pries Viekas away from his bevvy of bar wenches, and gives him the low down of why she’s there. Viekas, unable to resist a challenge (or a chance to show how amazing he is) agrees to help them and the newly formed team go to look for a base of operations they can use (they were advised not to use the local chapterhouse).

Weather: 44ºF; 20 mph winds from the east; heavy rain
Ust, 4th Day, 2,071 A.G.
Tethyrin, Abolethe

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