Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sicatra - The Edge of Twilight - Game Session 2

Operating Team
Rhiannon Redarch (PC – Avatar of Imir– Sage)
Sophia Nelli (PC – Hero of Sulio– Scout)
Vesevius Dox (PC – Hero of Ghermukhannu – Sage)
Viekas Linna (PC – Hero of Johren– Hunter-of-all-Trades)

Kelios “the Hellhound” Nazari (NPC – Avatar of Ilios – Hunter-of-all-Trades)
Strom (NPC Animal Companion)

The Story Thus Far… After Chancellor Rhiannon assembled her preliminary investigative team to look into the murder of their fellow Hounds the team seeks out a base of operations. After checking out a few locations in the city, Rhiannon decides to use the old clock tower at the edge of the western walls of Tethyrin so the group heads that way.

Rhiannon Redarch, Sophia Nelli, Vesevius Dox, and Viekas Linna
Weather: 44ºF; 20 mph winds from the east; heavy rain
Ust, 4th Day, 2,071 A.G.
Abandoned Clock Tower, Tethyrin, Abolethe

As is common in the Span, a rain storm shows up from nowhere and begins dumping freezing water on everyone. The roads quickly flood and the weather quickly turns against them. They eventually break into the ruined tower, but as soon as they enter the building they are attacked by spider-shaped clockwork automatons. The automatons quickly gain the upper hand, but after an ill-timed explosion from one of Viekas’ pistols the team manages to finish off the spiders. Before the last one can be killed a hatch opens in the thorax and a small round sphere scurries out. Popping legs from its spherical body it tries to leave. When it can’t leave it looks dolefully at Rhiannon who takes pity on it. Instead of smashing the automaton (like most of the rest of her team wants to do) they let it live. It quickly runs up the stairs to where the clock mechanism is. Finding it damaged, Viekas, Dox, and the rest fix the mechanism to make it run again. For the first time in over three decades the bell in the tower tolls confirming the hour. Viekas spends several hours trying to understand the mechanisms of the clock tower. He eventually stops, but records everything he’s found out. For some reason, the entire tower is both in sync and out of sync with reality. It’s connected to multiple times, planes, and spaces – Viekas just doesn’t know how to make it work.

The automaton shows them a hallway that leads to living quarters and Rhiannon decides to set up their base of operations at the tower. Heading out for supplies, the team comes back and begins to settle in. Rhiannon breaks out all the intelligence and information they have on who’s murdering Hounds and the team gets to work.

Weather: 3144ºF; 35 mph winds from the east; heavy rain
Ust, 4th Day, 2,071 A.G.
Abandoned Clock Tower, Tethyrin, Abolethe

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