Monday, April 18, 2016

Carpe Blogiem: Open Call To Players, the Revenge of the Open Call

EDIT: After getting nearly 100 applicants I'm shutting this down. I hope everyone who wanted to apply did so and thank you for all of those who did. I'll not be accepting any more applications after midnight 4/20/16.

I'm recruiting again for two online games in my Aeon universe. Like my other two games they will be interconnected at some points. There are currently two potential campaigns.

The C-Team:  Players will take the roles of AEGIS (Advanced Emergency Global Interdiction Service) operatives who are looking into strange cases all around the world (called "Paradox" cases) as well as policing the world of metahumans. Think something like Warehouse 13 meets Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D with my own spin. Point value will be between 300 and 500. This is game will take place on the first and third Tuesday of every month from 6-7pm to 10-11pm (this is somewhat flexible). The game will begin mid- to end-April. I have approximately 3 slots. 

The D-Team: Players will take the roles of various people in a post-apocalyptic of the Aeon universe. After the "Swan spread her wings" the world went to crap. The landscape of the planet is radically different and terrain has been changed all around due to metahuman powers gone wild. People are struggling to survive. The environment went from unbearably hot to uncomfortably cold and the planet is now in a global ice age. There are at least two instances known where people from another time have been transported into the future (the Vikings of Vinland and the colonists of Roanoke). Various superhuman powers are still around but fairly rare (and most people exhibiting powers are shot on sight). Point value will be between 200 and 400. This is game will take place on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 1-2pm to 6-7pm (this is somewhat flexible). The game will begin mid- to end-May. I have approximately 4 slots. (Yes, this ia direct nod to my GMT friends - I figured I could try not run something you guys would be able to play.)

In all cases skill at writing comprehensive background stories and character creation are a plus. GURPS knowledge is a plus, but not required.

Note: I only run cooperative games so no backstabbing, stealing, and in general causing party strife are tolerated. I don't do ruleslawyering - I'm the GM. If I say purple is orange then that's the color (though as others who play with me can tell you I am not an autocratic GM - just the opposite).

 I tend toward the cinematic end of the fence because I find that most players enjoy that sort of thing. Game will take place on Roll20 and thus at least a mic (though I'd prefer a webcam as well - I like to see my player's faces) is required.

 In both cases I may decide to swap the games time tables - so make sure you are very clear about what times you can attend. Point values are also flexible - I'll be asking the final roster of players what they interested in.

One final note: I've still got two to three people from last time that applied who I'll be tapping first to see if they are interested in playing, but there are still plenty slots open.

 If you're interested email me.

Edit: As a note to all applicants, those who are patrons to my Patreon will have "preferential seating" at my table according to their level of patronage. This is just out of respect for all of those who value me enough to support me in some way, no matter how small.


  1. So many people who want a GURPS game. Prima Facie evidence that theres a shortage of GURPS games/GMs

    1. There are other factors to consider, but that does seem to be the case.