Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Hurt Locker: Gear Repositories for What's In a Lair?

After one of my C-Team players for my Aeon campaign noted the lack of armories or "gadget" rooms in my rules for "What's in a Lair?" I came up with some rules on the spot, but that got me thinking: Maybe some other folks could use this too.

New Fixture: Gear Repository
A room containing gear or equipment such as an armoury or supply closet. Such equipment cannot exceed the TL of the base itself. This also includes a method of cataloging such gear. At low TLs, this is likely via a written check in or check out, while at high TLs, this could be a RFID or barcode system, embedded locator chips, etc.

Repositories give a bonus to the roll to determine if a particular item could be found within a repository using the rules for Available Resources Range (Pyramid #3/86 Organizations, p. 7) as long as that item is appropriate. For example, you could not find explosives in a food pantry or computer supply close.

For a +1 to Available Resources Range this costs +5 CF. For +2 this costs +20 CF, for +3 this costs +100 CF, for +4 to the roll this costs +300 CF. If this bonus only applies to a smaller class of equipment apply one of the following cost reductions.
  • Broad Category (weapons, electronics, etc.): Full Cost.
  • Large Category (computer parts, dwarven goods, guns): -20%.
  • Small Subcategory (desktop computer parts, dwarven weapons, rifles): -40%.
  • Narrow Subcategory (desktop power supplies, dwarven blades, sniper rifles): -60%.
  • Specific Item  (Corsair desktop power supplies, dwarven axes, Russian sniper rifles): -80%.
For example, a Gear Repository that only contained sniper rifles and assorted gear that gave a +4 to rolls would cost +60 CF. 

If you only get the bonus when finding gear from one TL less than the bases, this applies a -20% reduction (maximum of -80% when combined with the above or not)

Picking Over the Bones
I really can't believe I forgot something like this. I kind of folded it in the rules for Available Resources, but still there was room for something like this. Color me annoyed. Overall, I like how this turned out and I totally borrowed the categorical rule for the Cheaper Equipment perk. It just makes since to separate it like that.


  1. Nice. I'm thinking I'm going to use this for Psipoc, since it's such a piece of bookkeeping pain to track every sewing kit and water purifier the players have gathered up.

    1. Yeah, you could use it for that. Huh. Didn't think about that.

  2. What's in a lair? Gear by any other name would smell as sweet.

  3. Man, I read that article a while ago, and remember thinking at the time it was some good stuff, but it somehow slipped my mind. I guess since I'm in the final stretches of prep time for a new campaign, I can take a closer look at it.