Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Carpe Blogiem: Open Call to Players, the Son of the Open Call

Like the previous calls (go there and read said info) I'm looking for 1-2 permanent players for games on Monday nights and alternating Tuesdays (every other Tuesday) from about 7pm to about 12am EDT. Email me with the tag [PLAYER] and [AEON]

I'm also looking for 1-3 "guest star" players who I can pull in for different games at different times. Email is the same but use the tags [GUEST PLAYER] and [AEON].

If anyone is interested in joining the Aeon Think Tank for world design email me (as above) with [AEON] and [THINK TANK].

You can read the session recaps here and check out the Aeon tag on my blog for more info. Webcam and mic are required for players. Detailed character history is required for players. Understanding of past games/setting is useful for players, but required for the Think Tank.

Thanks to anyone who's interested!

(Note: The reason I've sent out a call is I've had two players bow out because of Life(TM) - which sucks - and while both are now in my guest player pool - I need to get two more regular players.)

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