Saturday, February 4, 2017

Carpe Bloggiem: SURPRISE!

For all $5 Patrons or higher a special treat this month: a look into the world of Aeon and how they classify powers and the threats those powers present. This 17-page document is an in-game magazine offering "in world" articles and exposition of how the campaign world works.

I want to note that from now on I'll be doing a "surprise" in the form of new bonus material, "bundles" of material from past specials or blog entries (e.g., "All Psychic Vampirism Powers" or "Fey Creatures for DF"), and other more tantalizing offers. How do you get this new? Simply be a subscriber. The higher your pledge level the more a chance you get a surprise when it comes on. Note, all Benefactors ($20 or more) automatically receive surprise material. The bonus content's pledge level for access will be randomly decided each month by the roll of a 1d6 with a roll of 1 equating to the $10 or higher level and a 6 equating to ALL patrons (even non-pledging ones!). 

Finally, the more you spread the word or pledge, the more bonus material opens up. Every five pledges or increasing of pledges (totalling $20 or more) from this point on (53 as of 2/4/17) will add one to the die roll, increasing the chance that the content is free for all. Optionally, more content will be added. Loss of patreons or pledges likewise reduces this amount - so convince your buddies (and yourself!) to stick around or pledge!

(Bonus material will never affect Patreon Specials or other rewards which already rely on set goals to determine their content or amount. This extra material is meant to give a reward to those who spread the word or remain faithful pledges.)

...if you'd like to read more, consider becoming a patron!

Note: the link to the actual content for patrons is here.

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