Friday, August 18, 2017

Carpe Blogiem: GenCon 50 - Day 1

Whew. Lot of stuff happened today. Let's see. I wandered around the GenCon exhibition hall for about 5 hours. I got a chance to talk to numerous folks including Steve Jackson, Michael Stackpoole, Andrew Hackard, and a dozen others. It was pretty damn amazing.

I snagged up a good half-dozen folks I knew were coming to the con so I could bring them to see +Douglas Cole while he was working a booth. What else? I bought a copy of GURPS Cabal (I didn't own a physical one), some dice for my other half, and the "shiniest RPG book ever made."

I caught dinner with Joseph Bravo and Doug at the Munchkin tavern and ordered one of their burgers - it was quite good. The right amount of bacon. So big I had to eat it with a fork. Fries were pretty on point too. I'll probably order that again Saturday when we play the DF game there with +Sean Punch.

Heading back to the hotel I meet up with some awesome folks who showed me how to play Galactic Truckers and a really fun game whose name escapes me at the moment that involved upgrading gems and buying cards for points. I want a copy. It was that nice.

I then went for a swim in the pool with said folks, hung out in the Jacuzzi a bit, then meet some OTHER folks who I chatted with for quite a while about game design and theory before heading back to my room at 0100 hours and passing out around 0200 hours.

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    1. No, it was "Century" by Plan B Games. I bought a copy. It's THAT good.

  2. I think you were playing Galaxy Trucker. It's awesome, one of our favorite board games :)