Sunday, August 20, 2017

Carpe Blogiem: GenCon 50 - Day 3

I'm writing this from home because Day 3 was just CRAZY and then the trip home was me mostly hallucinating from lack of sleep until I finally got home and passed out for 10 hours before waking up, eating, and passing out for another 12. So here is what happened Saturday August 19th, 2017 at GENCON 50.

Late Nights and Early Mornings
I literally did not sleep from Friday 6am until when I got home on Sunday. I planned to go to sleep - I'm pretty sure I wrote that I went to sleep...but I did not sleep. I played games with other crazies at the hotel and ended up at the convention center again by someone who drove. (I meet so so many great people just by coming up and saying "Hi!" - said people if you are reading comment below!)

Breakfast was pretty outstanding and I'd happily stay at the hotel I was at again. I headed to GenCon for a few hours to play a few pickup games, looky loo at the exhibit hall, and just to wander a bit.

Dungeon Fantasy RPG Game With Sean Punch
I had to Uber to the Munchkin Tavern (Tavern on South) because I was just so tired and everything was hurting. By the time I arrived I was looking at a glucose of 67. Heading to the back room on the second floor I was the last time arrive with +Joseph Bravo, +Douglas Cole, and +Guilherme P. de Freitas being there first. We ordered some appetizers and I'm ashamed to admit I nommed the hell out of them before ordering a burger and fries and scarfing that too. We choose our characters (I ended up with the catgirl swashbuckler because honestly the bard wasn't the type I liked to play so that was a bit of a disappointment). I was very pleased to find that +Sean Punch and I have VERY similiar GMing styles and the game was just fun. I roleplayed being a cat to the hilt I think and you can look at my twitter stream to see how the hijinks ensued.

Late Night With Sean Punch
After the game ended around 1845 Doug and Gui had to run and that left Joe, Sean, and myself. Sean used his Line Editor powers to get us a good table outside on the second floor balcony and we just gabbed at one another for hours swapping stories, talking gaming some, but mostly getting to know one another better. Something I'm really glad I stuck around for even if it did cost me a few more hours of sleep.

Twitter Stream Photos

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