Thursday, October 19, 2017

Carpe Blogiem: Open Call To Players, The Return of the Call

Found out today I've got an open spot in my current GURPS campaign for my Monday group (B-Team). The game will be nominally from 7:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST. I'm looking for someone who can reliably be there, is friendly, who communicates, and can do a bit of roleplaying. System mastery is a plus, but not required. There is a bit of bit of requirement as far as the background goes that is not up for discussion:

The player character must have been a child present at the site of a terrible massacre where his or her parents were murdered. There is more to this, but I don't want to throw it out there as its a spoiler to other players. As in the email and I'll tell you. If you're interested, email me.

So here's the relevant bits:
  • The genre is supernatural horror/urban fantasy: monsters are real and so is magic.
  • The mode is mildly cinematic, with results skewing toward the PCs. It's a realistic world with somewhat larger than life PCs.
  • The austerity is mid to high: actions have consequences.
  • Point totals may vary, but you'll start with a predesigned bucket of points framework and I'll be ad-hocing some points to level you out with the other players.
  • Players are expected to deliver a fairly long character history (at least 500 words).
  • Players are expected to work together in a team environment. There is no PVP, no stealing from other players, etc. This rule will be enforced ruthlessly.
  • I don't do ruleslawyering. Please don't waste my time or the other player's time.
  • Heroic types are encouraged, but not required. Make sure your concept cares about SOMETHING other than himself (or phat lootz).
  • Play will be over Roll20 and Hangouts so webcam/mic are required.
I'll close this down when I get enough players who can make the game and go from there. If you emailed me about previous calls and are open to this time slot please email me again and let me know this! I may have earmarked your available and that means I may not be looking at you for this.

Edit: Call is closed down. Thanks everyone who sent an application!

Campaign Backdrop
The everyday plodding along of life hides something fantastic and terrifying. Beyond the veneer of mundane existence lies the world of the ceteri. A world full of wonder. A world full of fear. A world of impossible possibilities. This is the world that the Conclave has been hiding for millennia. The world that any logical, sane person would say is the result of too many bad movies, too many drugs, or too much drink. Or maybe they’ve just gone mad. This is the world of vampires and werewolves, of angels and demons, where Heaven and Hell are around every corner. Where ancient inhuman beings vie for power. Where sorcerers use magic to change the world around them. Where psychics send their souls outward to play in the aether. Where miracles happen to the devout.

The Conclave protects and polices this world, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Humanity has spread out to far and too fast and with them the various supernatural beings that follow them around for food, reproduction, or play. Thousands of years ago a sorcerer named Simon Magus separated the world of man and the world of monsters and set about his followers to watching over the wall he’d made. This was the beginning of the Conclave. Many who were not pleased by what Simon Magus had done went on to form a core part of the nascent Christian faith. Centuries later, Merlin would be born and he would lead the Conclave into a golden era with his friend Arthur forming the first custos (iconically represented in folklore as the Knights of the Round Table – who would later on become the Templar Knights, then the Venatori, and the modern Freemasons). These custos were warriors of rare ability and wielded powers both mundane and paranormal against the various supernatural forces that preyed on humanity.

For centuries, the various factions schemed against one another and were held in check by the Conclave. Eventually, the Conclave grew bloated with its power and prestige and concerned only with advanced itself and not carrying out its sacred mission of protecting mankind. The Conclave was “destroyed” in the late 16th century and those that remained fled to the New World to escape the madness of the Old World. The new Conclave rose up stronger than before and separated itself from the Houses (as it had been) to be a singular group welcome to all ceteri.

You are the victim of a terrible tragedy that forced your eyes open to the world of the supernatural and thrust you into the midst of a war you were not prepared for. Prepared or not - you have a job, no a calling. To act as a shield for the meek and a sword to the weak. You may just be human, but by God that's enough. You're a monster hunter.

(Note: the PCs are currently in the middle of a shadow war between themselves, other factions, and a group of vampires.)


  1. Man. 95% of my schedule is completely free these days. This slot falls smack in the middle of the only eight hours that *can't* be re-scheduled. I'm cursed, I tell you! Cursed!