Hey, thanks for visiting the Nest…err my blog! Avoid the feathers and the shinys all over the place, I’ll clean that up right now; I promise. Okay, maybe not now, but later, I promise! Okay, eventually, I promise! Okay, maybe I won’t clean that up.

My name is Christopher R. Rice. I’ve been playing RPGs since my brother ran me through the Temple of Elemental Evil when I was 7 – I played a paladin named Christoffer Ravensrook (whose character sheet I still possess). I was put off until he mentioned that it was sort of like Barsoom or The Hobbit – then I was hooked. That was eventually followed up by every game system I could find. Amber, Elfquest (a personal favorite of mine – the only RPG where players would rather play their wolf mounts than their elven characters), West End Games Star Wars, Role-Master & MERPs, Shadowrun (all editions), every flavor of Palladium (especially Beyond The Supernatrual and Nightbane), GURPS, Dungeons and Dragons, and just about every other game you can think of. I stopped playing most of these other systems after I had a major problem with d20 Future and nearly burnt myself out from role-playing permanently. My best friend suggested we switch to GURPS as the system for my proposed campaign, and I’ve been with it since. I was happy with 3rd edition for a while, but after I previewed the system changes for the new 4th edition I quickly switched over. That move, more than anything else, changed the direction of my life so drastically I would have never seen it coming. I began to run GURPS 4th edition exclusively and was lucky enough to have a gaming group that jumped right on board. I’ve been running my various GURPS campaigns on and off since late 2005.

I’m also an avid reader (urban fantasy, horror, and books from centuries before are my favorites)k, cinemaphile (especially horror, action, and the occasionally beat ’em up or kung fu flick), lover of all thing’s tech, and a bit of a madman. I like to cook and occasionally make a mixed drink or two, toy around (and even sometimes fix!) broken electronic devices, play Munchkin, play the occasional video game, and pretend to philosophize. I have a love of old things, and I like to carve, my preferred medium being either wood or soft stone. (For non-gaming stuff check out my LiveJournal.)

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, even when I was a kid, that was in my “list of what I want to be when I grow up,” that along with scientist, explorer, priest, and archeologist. I can say without a doubt that my best friend (who steered me toward GURPS) and my girlfriend (who was the one who eventually pushed me to submit my first Pyramid article after many others had done the same – chief among them Antoni Ten Monrós) were the ones who helped me get my career started. I’d been writing material for years for my own games and didn’t realize that I could actually make it more generic and sell it for money until that was pointed out to me. Since that first submission in early 2010, I haven’t really stopped writing. I stopped counting how many spare articles I’ve produced that are just sitting on my hard drive, waiting for the issue or theme where they belong. I hope to write many articles and expand to GURPS supplements. I’ve also begun writing fiction and submitting short stories to various e-zines and magazines. I’ve even got a couple of nibbles on a novel I wrote in July 2013. So I might be expanding to other markets very soon.

I’m also severely diabetic and given the fact that I am currently self-employed (I make all my money from writing, fixing broken electronics, and doing side gigs); medicine and supplies are very difficult for me to attain.

For more information on diabetes check out the TuDiabtes or American Diabetes Association websites.

Oh, yeah…I uh look like this…