Carpe Blogiem: Crushed Under The Rolling Stone

It’s been awhile since I posted and there are a couple of reasons why – I’m not ready to share all of them. Basically, right now I’m having to choose how I spend my writing and free time at the moment and the blog has simply fallen by the wayside (for the moment). It may stay this way until the end of December or beginning of January because I’m honestly hoping to take a week or two off to spend decompressing from this stressful year.

I’m hoping to periodically throw up posts when I’ve the time but most of my writing energies are focused on finishing paying projects I’ve promised or been contracted to do. My free time is spent running my campaign (so I can stay sane) and my work time is spent with a thousand tiny projects that just demand my attention. Patreon patrons will continue to see monthly releases per normal and I’ve got an outline for what I hope will be an interesting blog series for gamemasters and players both.

I’ve tried to change it as much as I can, but the circumstances are forcing me to choose my activities and projects and I need to be able to eat and afford my medicine so that means I have to take gigs that pay right now. It also means I’ve not been as active in the gaming community as I’d like or that I’ve been available for questions sent to my email or via PM.

This sucks. I’m letting you guys down again and I’m sorry. I’ll do my damnedest to get back on track as soon as my work flow and personal life gets back to semi-normal.

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