Assembly Required

Note: The above picture was made for me by Fox Barrett - who is awesome. Go read his web comic or maybe get him to commission equally awesome pictures for your use!

Creating a campaign setting can be difficult, creating a reusable can be even harder. In this blog series, I'm going to talk about my personal process when it comes to creating a campaign and provide examples of how it's done - or at least how I do it.

Inaugural Post


Step 1: Campaign Foundation
Step 2: Campaign Parameters
Step 3: Power Level
Step 4: Inspirational Sources
Step 5: Player Character Concepts
Step 6: Campaign Goals


Step 1: Campaign History
Step 2: People, Places, and Things
Step 3: Geography
Step 4: Characters
Step 5: Powers
Step 6: Bestiary, Rogues Gallery, & Campaign Information

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