Sicatra – The Twisted Vault – Game Session 4

Adventuring Party

Bashir Al-Sah’a’den (PC – Desert Elf Scout/Holy Warrior of Justice)
Drej the Spider (PC – Half-Elven Dark One Thief/Wizard)
Perilous Moonglow (PC – Unknown Meistersinger/Mystic Swordsman/Thief)
Sir Rolf Stoneshield (PC – Earth-Infused – Knight)
Tantalus von Darkon (PC – Human – Necromancer)
Marko Blinz, Jr. (NPC – Dwarf ­– Squire [Secular Squire])
Talia Albinus Carnus Severus (NPC – Half-Elf – Unknown)
Tanor Rynson (NPC – Human ­– Squire [Holy Squire])
Vanor Rynson (NPC – Human ­– Squire [Holy Squire])
Wrykin (NPC – Human – Barbarian)
Muriss (NPC Ally – Orecile – Animal Companion)
Nebrija Dhamari (NPC Ally – Elf? – Unknown)
Alex Larre (NPC Ally – Servitor Skeleton)
Note: This was ran as a MIB demo at ROFCON 2015.
The Story Thus Far for Sir Rolf Stoneshield and Tantalus von Darkon…
Coming down from the north badlands to the south, Sir Rolf, Tantalus, and several other companions made their way along the caravan routes to Al-Madina. Once inside the borders of the town they were asked by the local blacksmith, Skorza, to see if they could assist another band of adventurers that had offered to help the town, but had disappeared into the copper mines. Following the road outside of town to the mines, Rolf and Tantalus came across the mine’s entrance where Talia Severus and her Warband lay guarding it to make sure nothing else could sneak in after the rest of the party. Talia offers to heal any wounds they might have and tells them if they want to follow them inside; they’ve got a rope tamped down leading to the trail of the large cavern. Once inside they find the odd glowing mushrooms and quickly hurry along. Finally, they hear the sounds of battle and rush to aid those caught in it…
Weather: 82º F; 3 mph winds from the south; overcast
Tenth Month, 12th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age
Old Copper Mines, Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa
The delvers have tried to make their way to at least one of the doors in either the north or west sides of the cavern, but the seemingly endless supply of distorted townsfolk or fungoid zombies have made it difficult. Once Rolf and Tantalus join the fray the zombies quickly find themselves outnumbered thanks to the necromancer’s abilities and after a quick mop up the two groups of adventurers talk to one another before deciding to join up to find the cause of the villager’s disappearances. Getting into the western door is easy enough and the adventurers find themselves in a short corridor leading to another door that’s been trapped with a poisoned needle. Drej easily picks the lock and disarms the trap and the party find themselves in a large, well-appointed sitting room. The PCs quickly gather up anything of value and Tantalus keeps one of the sitting chairs, which, among other things quickly removes fatigue. 

Having several of his skeletal minions carry it about he directs them from his nearly acquired “comfy chair.” They end up in an alchemical lab (after sending in Alex to deal with the death runes on the door by walking into them and opening the it) occupied by two giant floating eyeballs of death, which they kill quickly. Afterward they loot the room and head to the next area, which turns out to be a storage closet occupied by mutated “phase rat” swarms. The rats quickly appear and disappear striking at the delvers and nearly killing Bashir as they get in close and under his armor. Perilous charms one of the swarms, which quickly cover her in a musophobic’s nightmare – though she doesn’t seem to mind as they chirp and squeak in happiness. Once the battle is over Peri performs some quick first aid.

From there they head to the kitchen. It’s only seconds before the various kitchen utensils, cleaning implements, and even the stove come to life and attack them. It’s clearly a case of magic gone wild and after they managed to put down the animated objects. Bashir ends up bashing an animated collider with a dancing chair and while it does break the collider and the chair…it also hurts himself. In the corner they spot what appears to be a man made of metal and cogs and after trying to activate it, they give up and Perilous puts the artificial being in her backpack.
Weather: 82º F; 3 mph winds from the south; overcast
Tenth Month, 12th Day, 789 of the Fifth Age

Lidis’ Workshop, Al-Madina, Tahwah-Sa

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