Boil and Bubble: Ritual Path Magic Anti-Magic Spells

A few new spells for casters looking to neutralize other casters or defend themselves from hostile magic. Arcane Ruse Spell Effects: Greater Create Magic. Inherent Modifiers: Area of Effect + Bestows a Modifier, Rolls to discern the spells true nature + Meta-Magic, Illusory. Greater Effects: 1 (x3). This spell causes every spellcaster within its area […]

GURPS101: Alternate Climbing Rules

In my Chronicles of Ceteri campaign I ran a “mini-game” that was basically a mash-up of rules from GURPS Technical Grappling and some ideas I had. Here they are for use by others. The Basics Each round make a ST- or DX-based Climbing roll (whichever is better). Success means you roll your thrust damage for “climbing points” (CP). Add […]