The Hurt Locker: Bloodblade

To help push (and celebrate!) the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Games Magic Items 2 kickstarter I’m going to release 1 new or converted magic item per day until the kickstarter closes. Here is the second one: a artifact from my Aersalus campaign setting


Power Item: 30 FP

Suggested Origins: Magical and Spirit.

The Bloodblade was accidently created when a wizard bound a demon into a sword to prevent it from attacking a village. The demon’s appetite for blood was so great that it physically manifested and warped its prison allowing it to take over those whose will was weak. The blade itself appears to be a longsword made out of blood (which dribs and drabs constantly) when drawn. When sheathed it ceases, but the coppery tang of blood fills the air.


• Blade Quality: Treat Bloodblade as a balanced (+1 to skill), very fine (+2 to damage and -2 to breakage) longsword. It can break – and loses all of its special properties if it does. special properties if it breaks. Moreover, the demon is freed from its prison to wreak havoc on the world.
• Bloodhealer: For every 3 points of damage dealt by the blade to a being that has blood the bearer gains 1 HP. If his HP is full, he heals FP instead. If his FP is full, he refills any Energy Reserve he has. If the Bloodblade is his designated power item, he can instead heal lost points from there.
• Bloody Construction: The sword itself is made of blood and is deep red, verging on black in places with a faint, but distinct copperish smell. This gives +2 on Tracking rolls to follow the owner, and -2 reactions from others. Due to its construction, it is conductive to electrical attacks doing +1 damage per two die against such effects to the wielder.
• Gorebringer: Damage inflicted by a Bloodblade always bleeds and cause 1 HP of damage every round until a Stop Bleeding or Bandaging roll is used to treat the wound. Moreover, this blood streams from wounds inflicted to cover the bearer. Every 10 points of damage dealt gives the bearer a level of Slippery and temporarily lowers his Appearance by a level. This lasts until the bearer cleans himself up (which always takes at least an hour).
• Resident Spirit: The Bloodblade possesses a spirit of a demon who thirsts for battle and blood. Whenever the wielder sheds blood for any reason (including his own) he must make a Quick Contest of Will rolls between themselves and the blade. Failure means the blade “takes over” for minutes equal to their margin of failure. The bearer is aware of everything the sword is doing with their body, but cannot act meaningfully. At the end of the allotted time the bearer can roll again, with failure meaning they still haven’t taken control back. He keeps rolling until he succeeds or critically fails. A critical failure means he cannot roll against for a day. The demon in the weapon has an IQ of 16, Will 16, Per 16, Bloodlust (6), Sadism (12), and any skill the GM deems appropriate.

Weight: 4 lbs.


The GM may wish to lessen the demon’s Will to reduce the chances of the demon gaining a strong foothold on the bearer. Will 12 is the lowest suggested value to make this meaningful to the bearer. On the other hand, a Will of 16 might not be enough and 18+ might be better for dominating strong-willed targets (don’t forget the Rule of 16 applies to this struggle for control!).

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