The Hurt Locker: Deadman’s Gun

A new relic for champions in a Monster Hunters game.

Deadman’s Gun

Power Pool: 25

Possible Origins: Racial and one other (often Magical or Mystical).

A “deadman’s gun” is a firearm which was buried with the dead and its “spiritual echo” carried on with an unquiet spirit who carried it from then on. The creation of a Deadman’s Gun is always the same: it’s a firearm that exists on the spirit plane and was somehow removed from there and brought to the earthly plane. It’s a powerful weapon, but the dead tend to hate those who bear them as having stolen from the departed.


  • Affect Insubstantial: The Deadman’s Gun does its usual damage to insubstantial targets, notably spirits.
  • Dead Aim: On an aimed shot, the wielder can opt to subtract any amount from the weapon’s Accuracy bonus and instead add it to the weapon’s damage roll. He may optionally take a penalty to his roll to hit as well, giving a +1 to damage per -2 to his roll.
  • Gun Quality: Treat the underlying firearm as a very fine (accurate) and very fine (reliable) weapon regardless of whether it could normally have those properties or not! The weapon never requires maintenance and cannot be made to malfunction – even by supernatural means. If wielded in melee combat, it’s considered a balanced very fine weapon granting a +1 to skill rolls to you it and +2 to damage. This bonus is applied to any integral weapons such as bayonets as well.
  • Reaper Shot: Any critical hit by the firearm that requires a roll for a major wound instead requires the victim to make an HT roll vs. death instead.

Weight: Varies with base firearm


Spirits can sense the gun as both part of their world and not, this causes most spirits to react to the bear at -4. This reaction penalty carries over into the spirit world too! Bearers may accidently pick up pesky poltergeists bothering them without even knowing it.


Each Deadman’s Gun is its own variation as each one is a different firearm, which went through the same circumstances to come to our world.


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