The Hurt Locker: Lucky Bracelet

To help push (and celebrate!) the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Games Magic Items 2 kickstarter I’m going to release 1 new or converted magic item per day until the kickstarter closes. Here is the third one: another artifact from my Aersalus campaign setting.

Lucky Bracelet

Power Item: 30 FP

Suggested Origins: Cosmic, Divine, Magic, or Spirit.

This golden bracelet bears charms, sigils, and symbols to bring good fortune and luck. When worn it makes the wearer exceptionally lucky and even enhances already lucky bearers, allowing them to perform ridiculous feats of sheer luck and outrageous fortune.


• Blessed: While worn, the wearer gets a +1 bonus on all rolls. This includes attribute rolls, skill checks, damage rolls, reaction rolls, and so on. This improves by +1 if the bearer naturally has Extraordinary Luck (for +2 to rolls) or by +2 if he has Ridiculous Luck (for +3 to rolls). This does not stack with the spell Bless in any way. Use the better of the bonus from this item or the spell as it has been cast.
• Lucky: While worn, the wearer gains the Luck advantage (p. B00). If he has Luck he instead treats his advantage as if he had Extraordinary Luck. If he has Extraordinary Luck he instead treats his advantage as if he had Ridiculous Luck. Those with Ridiculous Luck can you’re their ability every 5 minutes instead!

Weight: 0.5 lbs.


GMs who feel having what is effectively a Bless spell on all the time may remove the Blessed aspect of this item and leave only the luck-enhancing aspect. Optionally, for a “Greater Lucky Bracelet” he may instead give the bearer Super Luck (p. B00) and allow him to dictate one roll made in his presence every hour of game time! Such bracelets are likely of Cosmic origin.

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