I’ve been playing roleplaying games for almost thirty years. I’ve played just about all the “classic” RPGs out there: Amber, Elfquest, West End Games Star Wars, Role-Master & MERPs, Shadowrun (all editions), every flavor of Palladium, GURPS, Dungeons and Dragons . . . and probably dabbled in most of the others. I loved how in Elfquest, players would rather play their wolf mounts than their elven characters, and really dug Beyond The Supernatrual and Nightbane variations of Palladium. These days I pretty much play and write for GURPS, for its versatility and modularity, and I’ve been running my various GURPS campaigns off and on since late 2005.

I’m an avid reader and cinemaphile. I’m a lover of all things tech, and a bit of a madman. I like to play the occasional video or board game, and pretend to philosophize. I have a love of old things, and I like to carve or cook when I need to clear my head. (For non-gaming stuff check out my LiveJournal.)

I’ve always written an abundant amount of custom material for my own games for whatever system I was running at the time, and in February 2011 I started being published in Steve Jackson Games Pyramid magazine. Since that first submission, I haven’t really stopped writing, and my Game Design Credits can showcase that. With more than 50 published articles in Pyramid magazine and two GURPS books under my belt I’m comfortable calling myself “game designer and author” – and I don’t intend to stop with just GURPS or game writing.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook (I usually reserve this for folks I’ve known a while), or email me directly.

Oh, yeah…I uh look like this…