Session Recaps

I run a multitude of campaigns, typically in a cycle to keep things from getting boring to either myself or my players. I have three other campaigns that I run, one of them has been going on for over ten years. I’ll eventually put up the back session recaps, but for now, I’m sticking to the campaign(s) I’m currently running.

This page is mostly for one-shot games, demos, etc. which are otherwise not in one of my custom campaign settings.

The Middle Kingdom

The fated and the fantastic stand side by side in a world of myth, monsters, gods, and demons. Martial artists battle one another with ancient powers and mystical skill in a bid to control the modern world. Great houses war with one another as they try and conquer their enemies. All the while, the world passess by as if nothing is happening and refuse to believe the evidence of their eyes. This is the world of the Middle Kingdom.


Session 1 (10/7/19)
Session 2 (10/21/19)
Session 3 (10/28/19)
Session 4 (11/4/19)