The Chronicles of Ceteri Session Recaps

The everyday plodding along of life hides something fantastic and terrifying. Beyond the veneer of mundane existence lies the world of the ceteri. A world full of wonder. A world full of fear. A world of impossible possibilities. This is the world that the Conclave has been hiding for millennia. The world that any logical, sane person would say is the result of too many bad movies, too many drugs, or too much drink. Or maybe they’ve just gone mad. This is the world of vampires and werewolves, of angels and demons, where Heaven and Hell are around every corner. Where ancient inhuman beings vie for power. Where sorcerers use magic to change the world around them. Where psychics send their souls outward to play in the aether. Where miracles happen to the devout. Where all your sins are laid bare. Where monster hunters battle with monsters and sometimes become the thing they hate. This is their world, we just happen to live in it . . .


The A-Team (“E1venth Hour 1nvestigations”)
Session 1 (Prequel Premiere) (Stone Dead Arc Premiere)
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5 (Stone Dead Arc Finale)
Session 6 (Silent as the Dead Arc Premiere)
Session 7 
Session 8 (Silent as the Dead Arc Finale)
Session 9 (Given Up For Dead Arc Premiere)
Session 10
Session 11
Session 12 (Given Up For Dead Arc Finale)

The B-Team (“The Orphans”)

Session 1 (Prequel Premiere) (Beginning of Time Skip #0)
Session 2 (End of Time Skip #0)
Session 3 (Beginning of Time Skip #1)
Session 4
Session 5 (End of Time Skip #1)
Session 6 (Beginning of Time Skip #2)
Session 7
Session 8 (End of Time Skip #2)
Session 9 (Beginning of Time Skip #3)
Session 10 (End of Prequel) (End of Time Skip #3)
Session 11 (Season 1 Premiere)
Session 12
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15 (Bonus Report!)
Session 16
Session 17
Session 18 
Session 19 
Session 20
Session 21 
Session 22
Session 23 (Season 1 Finale)
Session 24 (10/15/18) (Season 2 Premiere)
Session 25 (10/29/18)
Session 26 (11/5/18)
Session 27 (11/12/18)
Session 28 (11/19/18)
Session 29 (11/26/18)
Session 30 (12/10/18) (Mid-Season Break)

The C-Team (“Brimstone Law & Associates”/”TBA”)

Session 21 (10/14/18) (Bonus Report) (Season 2 Premiere)
Session 24 (11/11/18)
Session 25 (12/2/18) (Bonus Report) (Mid-Season Break)