Supporting This Blog

Here are a few ways you can support my blog:

Moral Support
Nobody wants to labor on something for others to read and enjoy and then not have anyone do those things. So do:

  • Read my blog.
  • Post comments. Ask Questions. Tell me your thoughts.
  • Link to my blog.
  • Tell other people about my blog, Tweet it, Share and Like it on Facebook, you get the idea.
  • Do the same for other blogs about GURPS or gaming.
  • Start your own blog about gaming, especially one about GURPS!

Authorial Support
Check out my W23 profile. Buy Pyramid issues and Supplements I’m in. Buy my books. Comment on them in the Steve Jackson Games Forums or social media if you like them. The more well-received my work, the more I’ll get to write.


If you like the idea of supporting me on a monthly basis for my contributions then maybe check out my Patreon profile page. My blog will never go to a “pay to view” model and as long as I can keep writing and updating I will – but I do want to give my patrons something nice. So every month (or more) on the 5th of the month I’ll be releasing a small PDF of a blog post that can only be gained by becoming a Patron.. Your patronage will help to keep me writing, buy some of my medicines, and help me over all financially. For a mere $5 a month (higher pledges get you better content!) you can get access to the inside track on what’s coming up on my blog, a direct hand in telling me what to post, and so on.


Finding yourself running out of time before your game? Need some help planning your big boss encounter? Just want some official-looking material for GURPS? Well, hell, I got the time if you got the money. I’m pretty well-versed in most things for GURPS 4th edition and even do campaign settings if that’s what you are looking for. Anything under Direction Donation is a possibility, but if you’ve something in mind I haven’t listed – we can talk.

Direct Donation
As much as I am loathe to mention it, I must admit I need help with buying my diabetic medications and supplies from time to time. So if you enjoy my blog or like my GURPS-related work, and want to help keep me healthy, a small donation goes a long way for me. Thank you ahead of time. (You can find the various methods of donating in the “Supporting This Blog” tab.)

Note: Credit where credit is due, I shamelessly modeled this off of Peter Dell’Orto’s Dungeon Fantastic, which you should totally check out!