Ten Thousand Jade Petals Session Recaps

A thousand years ago, the Immortal Warriors (wielders of the Godhand items and called shenshih) betrayed the gods by giving up their weapons and armor and ceased to defend the people of the Empire against the demons of the netherworld. Before they left, one of their number sacrificed herself to create the Yuxin Sanbao ­– the Jade Heart Tree. The rest of the Warriors each bestowed on the tree a measure of their powers and then hide it from all eyes. The Jade Heart Tree’s power enabled the veil between the world and the Netherworld to be strengthened and banished all demons in the world at the time to be imprisoned within its leaves forever. This worked at first – the demons could not come to the world unless summoned by potent dark magics and those within the tree lay trapped inside. The Yama Kings howled in their impotence, until one of them – Pingden Lu – figured out a way to pollute humans with demonic essence. The Yama Kings could still control the demonically infused humans just as they could their demon minions, but the half-breeds were not subject to the power of the Jade Heart Tree. A mere hundred years after the shenshih left the demons were back and no one was there to defend the people. It was chaos. It wasn’t until Zao Bai Fu, a wanderer, warrior, and magician began to fight back did the people stand a chance. He taught others how to kill monsters and had hundreds of disciples who called themselves shih. The Emperor of the time was so moved by Zao Bai Fu’s efforts that he abdicated the throne to the great hero instead of his own issue. Emperor Zao ordered his bravest disciples to form clans of likeminded warriors who would protect the people from demons and monsters. Each of these clans would go to one of the major provinces of the Empire where they would fulfill their duties to protect those within them. The Emperor appointed new governors for the provinces and sent a portion of his army to help protect and police it.

This system of beholden clans and governing nobles continues to this day. Zao’s descendants are unlike their noble ancestor and pursue pleasures and hedonism while governors of the provinces and prefects of the counties get rich off the backs of the peasants. The clans continue to go about their jobs, but many ignore the cries of the common man in pursuit of riches from the nobles and rulers. Rumors of dark magic are heard throughout the land and secretly some whisper the rising darkness means the Yama kings have found a way to come back to the land.




Session 1 (5/18/20)
Session 2 (5/25/20)
Session 3 (6/15/20)
Session 4 (6/21/20)
Session 5 (6/28/20)
Session 6 (7/6/20)
Session 7 (7/13/20)
Session 8 (7/20/20)
Session 9 (8/24/20)
Session 10 (8/31/20)
Session 11 (9/7/20)
Session 12 (9/14/20)
Session 13 (9/21/20)
Session 14 (10/5/20)
Session 15 (10/12/20)
Session 16 (10/19/20)
Session 17 (10/26/20)
Session 18 (11/9/20)
Session 19 (11/16/20)
Session 20 (12/7/20)
Session 21 (12/14/20)
Session 22 (12/21/20)
Session 23 (12/28/20)
Session 24 (1/4/21)
Session 25 (1/18/21)
Session 26 (2/15/21)
Session 27 (3/1/21)
Session 28 (3/8/21)
Session 29 (3/22/21)
Session 30 (3/29/21)





Session 1 (6/7/20)
Session 2 (6/14/20)
Session 3 (7/12/20)
Session 4 (8/30/20)
Session 5 (TBA)