AEON B2-Team: Season 6, Session 3 – Some Work, Some Play

Dramatis Personae

  • Amar Gupta aka The Iron Sikh  (played by Christian): Brick. Taxi Driver. Ass-Kicker. Sikh. Tagline: “Being a man of faith means to live it.”
  • Amie-Belle T. W. Lee aka Whisper (Played by Curtis): Cold War era super-soldier/spy that got put in the Freezer, because she got poisoned. After getting thawed out and cured she tried to back to work, and was given an “adjustment period”. Uncle Sam called 2 years later, with work… because once you’re in, you’re in for life. Tagline: “In and out without a whisper.”
  • Beauregard K. “Bo” Ratnam aka Wirerat (Played by Brice): Technopath, inventor, and hacker. He specializes in co-opting enemy systems and tech assets. Tagline: “Nice tech – I’ll borrow that.”
  • Rafe Hanlon aka Nyx (played by Chris D.): An umbrakinetic petty thief still on work release several years later, on his way to becoming a true agent and hero. Tagline: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
  • Vincenzo L. dePrezzo aka Threshold (Played by Rory): Doctor, Mathematician, and Scientist (yes, capitals) and Spatial Manipulator. Threshold can bend space like a pretzel, teleport, obliterate things, and has extraordinary senses. He’d rather be in a research lab than fight. Better known for his work with Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations, and disaster relief than famous battles. Tagline: “I can be there in a snap!”
  • Derrick K. Ratnam aka Ledgerdemain (NPC Ally): Spin doctor and media liaison for Project VANGUARD. Twin to Bo. Tagline: “Well, actually that’s not how it happened…”
  • Jodie R. Swann aka Surferboy (NPC): Dude. Aero- and Hydrokinetic. Really laid back, but wants to make a difference. Has a advanced glider/drone he rides on. Tagline: “Like. Let’s just chill, dude.”
  • Stainless Steel Rat aka “Sir” (NPC Ally): Bo’s best friend and assistant. A sentient drone in the shape of a stylized shiny metal rat mindlinked to Bo. Specialties are rapid repair construction and modifications. Imagine if K-9 and R2D2 made a baby and it looks a bit like a rodent. Tagline: “Repairs and upgrades in progress”
  • Tierney M. Ward aka Rush (NPC): Speedster and former member of the Bullet Hell Brigade. Tagline: “Was that fast? I thought that was fast.”
  • Zubayr Sajjad Marou aka Five Stars (NPC): Driver. Pilot. Klubbe gig worker.. From N’Djamena, Chad. Used to go by Darryl Bell to sound more American. Tagline: “I can get you there in time.”

Previously . . .

Whisper has continued to work alongside their analysts and build a proper translation for the documents that they’ve been working with. Wirerat keeps going through his electronic data. Threshold is in his lab working on the information that he’s found so far and has been running tests on the vials he’s been given, being able to at least determine that it’s a synthetic compound before investigating it with his abilities, understanding what is going on. As far as he can it’s a compound that does two things, one is to alter the genetic code of the injectee along with a compound that causes the expression of a chemical in the subject’s body that it wasn’t producing before, however it needs a catalyst which he guesses is Kyberic energy, a safe enough guess. He locks up the rest of the vial in his safe before turning to the rest of the information that he’s gotten so far.

I Need A Favor…

VANGUARD Headquarters, Nyx’s Room
Friday, May 24th, 2019, 2030 hours (EST)
Tomkins Cove, NY 10986

Nyx, with little else to do, gets pressed to take a test for his GED, managing to finish it decently and is about to move to leave when Lynch, their CIA liaison, sits down with cup of coffee. He says he’s thinking when Nyx asks if there’s something he needs and detains Nyx when he says he’s going to lunch, Lynch reveals that he ordered in food. Lasagna from a restaurant that Lynch had saved from going under. Nyx pokes at it suspiciously as Lynch keeps pushing him food and then reveals his real reason, he needs Nyx to break into the Department of Defense.

Apparently, there’s a mole in the Project Vanguard Initiative. Lynch wants him to break into the Pentagon, plug in a USB drive, wait a couple minutes, and port back out. Upon hearing what’s needed, Nyx immediately says that he’s out. It seems that Lynch did have permission to use Nyx for an undisclosed mission and this was going to be it and it was going to be a year off his sentence if he manages to make it out. Probably best to not annoy the guy, so Nyx goes off to commit some light treason after being reassured that the protections that are normally there would be turned off rather suspiciously. It takes a bit of time to get there and back and he had to turn the USB drive around a couple times before he could get it to fit, but he got the information and got back.

Lynch, having used a hard light hologram to disguise himself as Nyx, was pleased by the result. Going over the data that was being transmitted by the server on a tablet before placing a hand on Nyx’s shoulder and thanking him. After Lynch leaves, Nyx contacts Wirerat to see if he caught any of the data coming in, which he didn’t, he also couldn’t get a read on the screen from the cameras as it was emitting a blocking wavelength of light. He’s also quite ticked that Nyx infiltrated the Pentagon to hack a computer and didn’t bring him along making Nyx promise that the next time he’d commit some light treason then he’d invite him along.

All Your Bases Are Belonging to Us

VANGUARD Headquarters, Wirerat’s Room
Friday, May 24th, 2019, 2130 hours (EST)
Tomkins Cove, NY 10986

With not much else to do, Wirerat investigates the location for the Shipping Note and makes the computers at that location his slaves. Spending some time going through all the machines there that he can, looking for high security computers, drones, military hardware to make an inventory of assets there. He also leaves a script on the computers for cameras before logging out, creating a very low intelligence AI that is scraping the entire network of Caracas, feeding Wirerat real time data of everything in the city, everything. He makes sure to inform Director Hill about it and is asked what he’d need to expand it and says something about wireless cameras falling off a truck. Director Hill is suitably impressed by what he’s done and is going to get back to him. Wirerat notes that there’s a lot of raves and parties going on around Caracas.

Curiouser and Curiouser

Aldwin’s Curios and Pawn
Saturday, May 25th, 2019, 0830 hours (EST)
567 Union St Brooklyn, NY 11215

After his investigation, Threshold pops around New York City, trying to get a good idea of the locale and wandering the streets. He finds himself in an interesting pawnshop with various curios in the middle of Brooklyn, wall to ceiling with curios of calibers and pedigrees and several very rare books that’s several types of expensive and a near ancient water clock.

Threshold feels oddly at home in the store and isn’t too certain why at first, he’s not too sure but maybe there’s a spatial anomaly nearby as he can feel something. He’s unable to immediately detect any secret passages in the store but finds a beautiful glass sculpture of a mobius strip that was done in the style of Tiffany’s that’s probably a few decades old. He improvises an ability to detect whatever it is that he’s sensing, it’s really annoying as it’s almost as the energy is intentionally avoiding him as though it’s aware.

Eventually, someone comes out of the back. A really tall white man with fine features and quick to smile, wearing what looks like an outfit a professor might wear back in the 50s. He welcomes Threshold to the store, Alden’s, and apologizes for not hearing him come in as he was down in the basement. They start talking about the items in the store, they mostly deal in antiques as the young man raises a bit of an eyebrow at Threshold’s hazy features. Threshold comments that he felt something was off around the place and was trying to figure out why. The store has been there for a while before the previous owner sold it off to the young man upon retirement.

Discussing Threshold’s preferences as a scientist, he moves downstairs and brings back a rare copy of Newton’s sealed in a plastic container. He hands Threshold some gloves to handle the book and saying that from everything, the entire set would cost nearly $750,000 which is too rich for his blood. He insists on giving Threshold a gift, a silver etched pocket watch with non-euclidian geometric designs along with a case and chain and attaches it to Threshold’s outfit for him, saying that every man must have a watch. The part ways after formally introducing each other with business cards and Threshold tells them to call if they need help.


Wirerat keep developing things and starts invading the privacy of New York City as well after Threshold gives him the idea to keep an eye on crimes. Trying to keep this one to only alert to things that would require the intervention of an actual person and map it coordinates.

After Action Report (GM)

Today’s session was low-key because Brice had to leave early for work and Rory wasn’t feeling well. It was still pretty fun as I put the various odds and ends out there for the PCs to look at and ask questions about. They sort of planned for their mission to Caraccas (that’s the next game) and more or less went about a kind of day in the life of. So far, the campaign has felt very TV like with a arc and how things are building up to a head. I like it.

Other Notes

Bonus Report from Rory.

We started early and ended early.


“Make a Move” by Incubus
“Till I Collapse” by Eminem
“Now or Never Now” by Metric

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