AEON B2-Team: Season 6, Session 7 – Select the Select Committee

Dramatis Personae

  • Amar Gupta aka The Iron Sikh  (played by Christian): Brick. Taxi Driver. Ass-Kicker. Sikh. Tagline: “Being a man of faith means to live it.”
  • Amie-Belle T. W. Lee aka Whisper (Played by Curtis): Cold War era super-soldier/spy that got put in the Freezer, because she got poisoned. After getting thawed out and cured she tried to back to work, and was given an “adjustment period”. Uncle Sam called 2 years later, with work… because once you’re in, you’re in for life. Tagline: “In and out without a whisper.”
  • Beauregard K. “Bo” Ratnam aka Wirerat (Played by Brice): Technopath, inventor, and hacker. He specializes in co-opting enemy systems and tech assets. Tagline: “Nice tech – I’ll borrow that.”
  • Rafe Hanlon aka Nyx (played by Chris D.): An umbrakinetic petty thief still on work release several years later, on his way to becoming a true agent and hero. Tagline: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
  • Vincenzo L. dePrezzo aka Threshold (Played by Rory): Doctor, Mathematician, and Scientist (yes, capitals) and Spatial Manipulator. Threshold can bend space like a pretzel, teleport, obliterate things, and has extraordinary senses. He’d rather be in a research lab than fight. Better known for his work with Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations, and disaster relief than famous battles. Tagline: “I can be there in a snap!”
  • Derrick K. Ratnam aka Ledgerdemain (NPC Ally): Spin doctor and media liaison for Project VANGUARD. Twin to Bo. Tagline: “Well, actually that’s not how it happened…”
  • Jodie R. Swann aka Surferboy (NPC): Dude. Aero- and Hydrokinetic. Really laid back, but wants to make a difference. Has a advanced glider/drone he rides on. Tagline: “Like. Let’s just chill, dude.”
  • Layla A. de Blackburn aka Nox (NPC): CIA-trained child assassin all grown up to be Daddy’s Little Monster. Maybe a little mad. Argues with her shadow often. Tagline: “No, we shouldn’t do that…should we?”
  • Stainless Steel Rat aka “Sir” (NPC Ally): Bo’s best friend and assistant. A sentient drone in the shape of a stylized shiny metal rat mindlinked to Bo. Specialties are rapid repair construction and modifications. Imagine if K-9 and R2D2 made a baby and it looks a bit like a rodent. Tagline: “Repairs and upgrades in progress”
  • Tierney M. Ward aka Rush (NPC): Speedster and former member of the Bullet Hell Brigade. Tagline: “Was that fast? I thought that was fast.”
  • Zubayr Sajjad Marou aka Five Stars (NPC): Driver. Pilot. Klubbe gig worker.. From N’Djamena, Chad. Used to go by Darryl Bell to sound more American. Tagline: “I can get you there in time.”

Previously . . .

The team has returned from the great photo op they performed in India, Whisper is still confused that some of them were asking about her social media presence considering how long she spent on ice. Unfortunately, as soon as they get home, they’ve got people waiting for them outside, a whole slew of reporters and others.

You’ve Been Served

Nyx, Threshold, and Whisper
VANGUARD Headquarters, Nyx’s Room
Monday, June 17th, 2019, 2030 hours (EST)
Tomkins Cove, NY 10986

Nyx immediately ducks into stealth mode while a large muscly camera guy smiles at Whisper, pointing at his camera and then to Whisper to invite her for an interview. Getting closer to Whisper, he hands her a piece of paper that says that she’s been served. She’s to report to Washington DC to report on her recent activities to a select committee in less than two days time. There are no additional details in the summons, just a blanket report is required. Threshold, meanwhile, having been in front, also is given a subpoena from the United States Senate Committee on Metahumans, informed that everything is in the letter. Threshold considers a misdemeanor, but instead steps aside.

Whisper looks around to see who else is being served, seeing almost everyone else getting served at the same time, excepting Nyx and Nox who managed to duck out easily. They get inside where Landry is waiting for them and just points at his office, asking where Nyx is. He pops up and says he’s present and is immediately handed a subpoena. There’s no clue what they want to actually ask about, they’ve been keeping it under wraps and sent them out of town so they can avoid it. Threshold shrugs and just heads back to the lab, making only a small detour to their legal department to drop off the paper.

Whisper makes a call on the landline in Landry’s office, calling the man that keeps an eye on her cabin in the middle of nowhere, asking if there was anyone that was snooping around her place only to hear an answer in the negative but does tell her, in his lackadaisical manner, that the wood arrived for her cabin and is currently seasoning well while asking for some whiskey.

Threshold is checking out satellite maps and is trying to predict the climate issues that might arise from their adventure in India. Coming to a conclusion that it’s 1 to 1.5 degrees cooler than normal there as an extended effect and the shade didn’t grow off the growing cycle of any of the plants, before doing more research, looking at the watch he was given by the pawn shop, and porting around NYC, getting used to the city.

Nyx gets a visit from Lynch, informing Nyx that he’s free to speak freely about whatever he’s done for the CIA so that Nyx doesn’t get into further trouble. Of course, there’s many other options that he could use to deflect and avoid answering. Nyx can’t think of any problems that may arise other than the light treason and the various neutralization missions. The only thing that Nyx can think to do is to leave a message for Warlock, letting him know about the subpoena and that he might get to be on C-SPAN in the next couple days before turning to watch Nox freak out.


They’re given a briefing by legal counsel which includes a list of things they don’t want them to talk about, but if they’re asked directly then to just go ahead and answer. It’s mostly just specific mission information and sanctioned targets that they don’t want them to talk about. They may also be asking about specific missions or things that happened before joining Project Vanguard. Both Lynch and Landry haven’t gotten a clue what they’re fishing for. They don’t really have much to go off of. Threshold is actually familiar with the only independent on the committee, Callahan, who is highly in favor of things that the current administration isn’t of, though is only favor of metahumans registering if they’ve got dangerous powers and a few other things like using the Patriot Act to press metahumans into government service like an omniscient clairvoyant.

After Action Report (GM)

Today’s session was shorter than almost any before thanks to the fact that my glucose just would not stay steady. Not much was done beyond laying some groundwork for the next session. Nothing else really to report.

Other Notes

Bonus Report from Rory.


“Empire” by Queensryche
“Shadows and Tall Trees” by U2

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