AEON C-Team: Season 4, Session 1 – Welcome to the Jungle

Dramatis Personae

  • Henry Young aka Springheel (played by Chris D.): A hyperkinetic with superhuman reflexes that recently left one military to join another. Tagline: “What’s the point of shooting if you’re just going to miss?”
  • Hssh ̚ok-qrra ͜a ͞a’escht ̷iish aka “Hiss” (played by Emily “Bruno” S.): A stranger in a strange land, with strange people, and strange technology. At least the microwave is a good conversationalist. Tagline: “Don’t try to pronounce that with your primitive honk-box.”
  • “N.V.” (played by Josh B.): Diva, darling, shapeshifter, and spy.. Tagline: “I like killer clothes and kicking nerds in the nose”
  • J. Tyler Moody aka Magpie aka VERACITY (played by Travis E.): [REDACTED]. Tagline: “[REDACTED].”
  • Rory Cook aka Boomer (played by Will): An expert scientist and self proclaimed “doctor” with the ability to charge objects so they explode. Tagline: “Where do you want the explosion?”

Previously . . .

Veracity is the only person left from the Yankee Stadium where an interdimensional hole was ripped open in the time/space continuum and “lost” two of his teammates. AEGIS has been effectively dismantled and most of the folks have been shifted over to another division. Veracity and the remainder is working with Rogue AEGIS calling itself the High Command, which most people know as it being Legend and that’s it. Others know it as three groups, AEGIS, Sentry, and an AI. They’re sending him back into the Yucatan for training with a team where they set off a Kyberic bomb, the growth in the area being noticeably more vibrant and taller than the neighboring forest.

His new team is going to meet him there with three new specialists. Infiltration, Scientist, and Triggerman. It takes nearly twenty-four hours to get down into the region using domesticated flights since AEGIS lost its flight assets

Back to the Bomb

Henry, “Hiss”, “N.V., VERACITY, Rory.
Somewhere in the Jungle
Monday, March 1st, 2017, 10:00 am (CST)
Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

The three specialists are now stuck in South America waiting for their leader wandering through the jungle collecting samples to bring back and investigate. They come into the camp everywhere, including a rather large blue headed turkey. Rory, the scientist, gathers some gi-ants into some sample containers.

Veracity hires a local guide to get access to his skills and guidance. Right now his mission is to investigate the dimensional hole down in the jungle and learn about a lizard chupacabra. It’s apparently quite brightly coloured and keeps stealing trash, random bits of trash and not just food. Intrigued by the fact there’s a large coloured lizard barging into his niche of going through garbage, he wants to know more about this creature. The only other information found is that there’s animal remains with scorch marks on them. It doesn’t take him and his new guide long to find their new team in a small clearing with tents and gear set up and they’re within a mile of the sighting area of the cryptid.

NV, the infiltrator, is laying back in a hammock relaxing. He’s in the middle of the jungle, not much for someone to do here. Rory is gathering a large amount of objects along with ants as Henry, the triggerman, keeps watch. A man that looks suspiciously like Bruce Campbell walks into the camp, they’re able to recognize him as Veracity, famous in the agency, there to assume command over the group.

Inquiring about the local vegetation, Rory explains that it probably has to deal with the residual kyberic energy from an explosion. Henry is the only to have spotted a shimmer moving through the jungle with some of their MREs and spectral analyzer.  The crew looks for something that they could use to make a trap with slipspray. Out in the jungle, Hiss determines that the MREs are delicious and good at attracting real food like iguanas, otherwise known as happy-fun-tree-snacks.

With the trap set, they start work again and Hiss comes back next go around. Finding a near irresistible device on the edge of camp. It smells strange, but shiny and technological and Hiss is nosy and quite curious. Unfortunately, while trying to disarm the trap, Hiss sets it off in the most comical manner reminiscent of a Home Alone film. Henry, tired of watching them, shoots the thing with an electrolaser to the thigh. Hiss shakes off the blow, keeps hold of the shiny object, and jumps upwards into the tree. Henry, follows with a running climb to jump off the table and then scale the tree after it. Rory, in the meantime, prepares to throw a few exploding rocks to discourage it from going up any further while NV goes to convince it to come down since they mean peace.

Agreeing that Hiss can keep the shiny device while they talk to each other and Henry slowly makes his way down from the tree. They learn that Hiss’s retriever isn’t working and could use an iridium mesh and a tank of red mercury, but since they don’t have those items Hiss calls them all savages. Rory knows that the Russians mucked around with Red Mercury in the 80s, but it’s a fairly rare substance. When questioned where they come from, Hiss just rattles off a couple 6 angle coordinates before they come back to camp while Veracity does his thing out of sight. Hiss takes some time to disassemble the shiny trap via technopathy, bits and pieces floating all around to the interest of NV which Rory is able to determine.


By the time Veracity gets back, he finds the team talking with a rather large and colourful raptor. Veracity congratulates them on becoming friends with the piñata. With still a lot of time left, they head into the jungle with some gear looking for the location of the rift following the trails that Hiss had been running since her arrival.

After Action Report (GM)

And just like that, we’re back. The *feel* of the game is different because it’s not just very skilled, but human, characters. On one hand, I’m annoyed by this – this was supposed to be my mostly non-powered section of AEON. On the other, this is what it evolved into and I think what it was always meant to evolve into. The PCs don’t have super-flashy abilities (except for Rory who makes things ‘spolde), though I guess being an intelligent dinosaur technopath counts as flashy. We didn’t get to play as much as I wanted, but I ended up getting called away to do something. Overall, the PCs were vibrant and the new players hitting all the right notes. We’ll see how things turn out.

Other Notes



Run Through the Jungle” by Credence Clearwater Revival (Opening Song)
Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was) (Slipspray Scene)
Lonely Boy” by the Black Keyes (Closing Song)

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