AEON C-Team: Season 5, Session 4 – You Better Not Take It From Me

Dramatis Personae

  • Henry Young aka Springheel (played by Chris D.): A hyperkinetic with superhuman reflexes that recently left one military to join another. Tagline: “What’s the point of shooting if you’re just going to miss?”
  • Hssh ̚ok-qrra ͜a ͞a’escht ̷iish aka “Hiss” (played by Emily “Bruno” S.): A stranger in a strange land, with strange people, and strange technology. At least the microwave is a good conversationalist. Tagline: “Don’t try to pronounce that with your primitive honk-box.”
  • “N.V.” (played by Josh B.): Diva, darling, shapeshifter, and spy.. Tagline: “I like killer clothes and kicking nerds in the nose”
  • J. Tyler Moody aka Magpie aka VERACITY (played by Travis E.): [REDACTED]. Tagline: “[REDACTED].”
  • Rory Cook aka Boomer (played by Will): An expert scientist and self proclaimed “doctor” with the ability to charge objects so they explode. Tagline: “Where do you want the explosion?”

Previously . . .

Last time the team had managed to survive their encounter with a speedster, and NV barely managed to survive several stabs to the vitals while in his war form. The knife is currently on the floor trying convince people to pick it up, it haunts dreams and appears from nowhere. It really seems to dislike Veracity. The rest of the group decides that they need to interrogate Kris the Knife while Veracity decides to go over the Blue Sky dossier they found in Kris’s hideout.

Interrogating the Speedster

Henry, “Hiss”, “N.V.,” VERACITY, Rory.
City Hall Loop aka the Subway
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2017, 6:00 pm (EST)
Park Row & City Hall Park, New York, NY

NV goes in strong with Veracity assisting. He doesn’t seem quite lucid and when questioned he gives strange answers. That he woke up with the knife in the morgue, insisting that he’s not dead and that he wants the knife back. Freaking out he keeps trying to speed around the cell only to find that his speed powers are gone. When questioned as to why he was robbing and stabbing people, Kris tells that it was on the order of his boss. A boss that he never met, never spoke with, only heard in his head in his dreams. He’s starting to get more incoherent as time goes on, talking about needing muscle and the knife making him stab people.

They decide that they need to drop him off at Riker’s Island so that they need to knock him out. Rory isn’t able to make any information other than him being insane. Henry feeds him the worst MRE in the world, the Ham Omelet and then knocks him out and gets tied up and transported in the deteriorating white van. Dropping him off, they ask where we found him as Kris was previously reported dead. The team isn’t really able to answer the questions that are being asked as even they don’t know it and don’t want to know it. Just that we found him in the meat district. Asking about a reward, they’re given $100,000 as a bounty as Kris is being taken away.

Coming back to find the knife floating in circles in lab where they start questioning it again. No mother, no father, it always was and always will be and known as The Host of Ravanna. Rory tries to psychoanalyze it, it’s got an alien mindset. It probably was never human. It’s some kind of demon or god trapped in a knife which Veracity confirms. The vault where the Subway used to store artifacts of that kind was sealed, moved, and set aside, they no longer have any kind access to it. NV attempts to grab and drag it into a metahuman cell. It screams once and falls dormant within.


Deciding that it’s good as it, they pop a sticky note on the door telling people not to open it and then go out for steaks and identities. NV and Springheel find Joseph “Coop” Cooper, who is a genius for his alternate ids. They’re going to run folks around $30,000 and up depending on what they need. NV wanting some paperwork to fool MIA is going to cost $66,000.  The team leaves off as they try to find a good face for NV to use.

After Action Report (GM)

This was a really short session so I don’t have much to report on. Groundwork was laid for the next session and hopefully we’ll start getting some traction and be able to move forward at a pace starting next week.

Other Notes

I ended up being late AND having to quit early due to some things going on. Sigh. We decided to set back the time we start a couple of hours so I don’t have to worry about squeezing things in too much.


“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns and Roses (Opening Song)
“Bad Company” by Bad Company
“Swords and Knives” by Tears for Fears (Closing Song)

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