Aeon D-Team S01E04 – Pimp My Ride

Dramatis Personae

  • Alexander (played by +Daniel Dover ): 6’ 4’’, 225 lbs. Tall and muscular with a gleaming smile. He has almost iridescent white hair and faintly golden skin. Exudes a calm, quiet confidence, and moves with the grace of a dancer. Literally inhumanly attractive. He’s strong, fast, durable, indefatigable, and has some matter control powers. Cares about everybody and everything.
  • Eddie (played by +Ignus Pyre): 6’, 180 lbs. Outwardly disheveled looking, but his scruffy furs hide high quality gear underneath. Fairly average looking with reddish brown hair and a bit of stubble. Carries an enormous backpack but doesn’t seem too slowed by it, despite a slight limp, a pulls a trailer behind him made from the rear end of an old ford mustang. Honest, forthright and reliable, but won’t speak too much about his past. He seems to have a sixth sense for monsters and the dark fog.
  • Jacob “Doc” (played by +Asta Kask): 6’, 150 lbs. Kinda lanky with leathery, weathered skin and greying hair, offset by piercing blue eyes. He’s compassionate, responsible, and very careful with his words. Dreams of building a place where metahumans can live unprosecuted. Has some healing powers. Followed by a 45 pound cat, that flies and leaves a rainbow trail behind it. Yes, really.
  • Kurst “Kurt” Vetrson (played by +Antoni Ten Monrós): 6’ 4’’, 110 lbs. Wears layers and layers of clothing, but underneath them he’s anorexically thin and very pale. He always feels slightly cold to the touch, but despite the layers isn’t actually bothered by the cold. Young and usually speaks fairly coarsely. Absolutely hates wendigo. Has ice powers that he doesn’t like to use because they’re not fully under his control. Good with a bow.
  • Dr. Nicodemus “Nick” Faust (played by +Hal Batty): 6’ 4’’, 180 lbs. Tall and lean. Flaming red hair, chalk white skin, and coal black eyes. Also literally inhumanly attractive, and his charms work on men and women alike. Wears a dark charcoal suit with crimson waistcoat and cravat, with a long black overcoat, even in the midst of a blizzard. Has an arrogant smile on his lips, only offset by an intensity to his eyes. Master of magic
  • King the Maine Coon (NPC Ally): a huge Maine Coon cat (almost 50 lbs. and 4.5 ft long) that can fly/hover (leaving a trail of rainbow colored light), go “boneless,” shoot lazers from its eyes, ignore a structure’s ceilings and floors (but not its walls), and other more interesting abilities. He can haz cheezburger.
The session begins with us trekking the final short distance up to the keep, Alexander casually carrying the 1,000 lbs. generator we picked up at the school. We discuss the events of the last few days as we walk, until we see Mitchell approaching us. He tells us they’ve found a weird old man unconscious in the snow.

Fixing Cars ‘n Stuff
Eddie and Kurst
Sentinel Butte, North Dakota, 11° F light snow and heavy winds
January 28th, 37 AB, 12:00 pm
Poole’s Palace

We walk over to where he lies and Jacob begins inspecting him, he doesn’t appear to be sick or injured, just old and worn out. Phaeton casts detect magic and discovers that he has some latent magical power, and a magic ring. It seems his body was created technologically, then had consciousness magically transferred into it. I follow up with my own detect magic on the ring, but don’t really get anything, though it seems to be spirit magic.

Between us we carry him inside, and Eddie heads downstairs to start installing the new generator. While Eddie’s fixing the generator, Phaeton tries to fix our elderly guest, casting a spell to de-age him, but Christopher spends doom to make it critically fail, although it doesn’t seem to do anything catastrophic. Faust then tells him to step back and let the professionals work, motioning to Jacob.

Meanwhile Eddie gets the generator up and running, and begins servicing the three generators in the basement. Maria talks to Alexander, asking how he is, and in response he simply smiles a dazzling, pearly white, hollywood-worthy smile, and asks her the same question. Apparently a group of people tried to infiltrate her base and were beaten back by the timely arrival of the Cavalry (or the B-Team as they’re known out of character). The conversation takes a turn for the awkward, leading Merlin to comment that Alexander really needs help with his game, and he doesn’t mean chess, but eventually they head out to get a burger (or unidentified meat in a bun). Eddie comments that he likes machines, they’re simple.

Upstairs Jacob steps up and heals our mystery guy, and although there’s only so much he can do to combat the effects of age, he succeeds in extending his lifespan by another month. As he begins to come to, Jacob asks someone to get coffee, and Phaeton goes and gets some before he finishes the sentence.

Upon waking he asks “How am I still alive?”

“You got some help.”

We learn that he doesn’t know what he’s doing here, but he was trying to get somewhere, he doesn’t know his name, but people call him Peregrine, and he came from the west, trying to get to a place with tall buildings and a river.

Nick gradually gets bored with the lack of information, and steps forward, grabbing him by the head, and attempting to fix his memories. I’m partially successful, getting an image of New York pre-apocalypse, and the thought that he wants to get back to the throne in the hudson. Phaeton comments that he’d get there in five minutes. Surprisingly this frail old man wouldn’t survive being carried somewhere at several hundred miles per hour.

Downstairs Eddie also gets an image, of us getting to New York and seeing bomb go off, destroying the city. He sees the old man dead. Somehow he knows we need to get there, and that he might be able to get back to his own timeline if we do. Upstairs I’m just saying to the others that we don’t need to get to New York, when Eddie bursts in saying ‘We need to go to New York!’

Blood suddenly starts pouring from his ears and he vomits up his spirit, before he has chance to fall, Phaeton speeds over and catches him. Eddie finds himself in modern day NYC, and sees his son standing there. He looks almost exactly like Eddie did at that age, with a little scar on his hand where he fell out of a tree when he was younger. Eddie tries to talk to him but can’t get through, he bends over to try and pick up a rock and get his attention, but everything goes dizzy and things change around him. This time he sees Marlowe talking, and we learn that my plan from last week worked, my father believes I’m dead, and that he wants to defeat the Vinlanders by the end of the year, and that he intends to attack NYC. Eddie realises that I’m Marlowe’s son, and that if we get the old man to NYC it’ll hurt Marlowe’s plans.

He wakes up coughing blood, and Jacob heals him. We ask him what happened, and he tells us what he saw. Faust and Phaeton deduce that he’s used his Clairvoyance at way over 100 miles, which is dangerous, and that he’s one of the most powerful Clairvoyants Phaeton has ever seen.

Kurst states that he doesn’t like New York and he’s not well liked in Vinland, which is on the way, but before we can ask him more, the smell of blood begins to get to him, and he flees the room. I head over to check on Eddie, and he reaches and grabs my collar, pulling me down to his level. “Is this really necessary?” I ask.

“Is your father Marlowe?”


“We need to get to New York right now.”

“Give me a minute.”

I use a spell to scrub away the blood and send someone to go get Kurst. Up on the roof Kurst is spending some time by himself, muttering about how he doesn’t want to go home. While he’s up there, he sees two ravens, and one of them flies over, dropping a black ribbon at his feet, his mother’s. At this point Jacob comes upstairs to tell him the blood’s gone, and he’s needed downstairs.

Once they get back, we ask Kurst if he’s okay travelling to NYC. He’s not happy about it, but he’ll come with us regardless. With that, Faust says he’ll prepare a teleportation spell, and is just about to do so with when Christopher tells us that teleportation will put too much strain on the old man. Silly Faust and Phaeton, of course this wouldn’t work, why didn’t we think of it before!

Meanwhile, Maria has decided she’s coming with us whether we like it or not, and tells us there’s a Crucible base less than 400 miles away that’ll have a helicopter we could use. Alexander is not happy about her going, he’s worried about her, but she gives him both barrels, telling him she’s not a damsel in distress or a princess to protect, and he backs right down.

Eddie gets out his obsessively meticulous collection of maps, and we begin looking over them, trying to plan a route. Frustrated, Kurst walks out the door, Mitchell hurries after him to bring him back. He asks us what’s taking so long, and we inform him that 1600 mile journeys usually require some planning. We need to answer questions like ‘How far away is it?’, ‘How many feet of snow is the road under?’

Eventually we decide we need a snowplow, and since we don’t have one, Phaeton runs around at frankly ludicrous speeds until he finds one fairly nearby, the only downside is that it’s kinda damaged, and has no tyres. So while we scrounge up supplies, Alexander heads to the plow and busts out an inanimate matter healing power, normally it’d cost 40 FP to completely heal the truck, but he critically succeeds and it costs nothing!

Phaeton continues running around like a mad thing, gathering up supplies. Faust manages, this may look like sitting on his arse doing nothing, but Faust is really good at telling people what to do. Eddie rolls up his sleeves and buries himself in the truck, overhauling just about everything, and while Alexander made it as good as new, he makes it a whole lot better.

In his travels, Phaeton discovers a nearby military base, and we debate whether to drive there and fit some tank tracks to this truck. The debate does not last long, tank tracks are simply too cool for arguments. After the debate is over, Faust and Phaeton combine their magical mojo to speed up the truck substantially. Alexander then uses his powers to convert snow to diesel, then keeps concentrating to make sure it stays like that. We get going, there’s not much time to lose, since Eddie compared the stars in his vision with those in the night sky and worked out we only have 3 months before things go down. We ended it there.

After Action Report (Hal)
I enjoyed this session more than the previous one, but after speaking over people that week, I think I avoided talking too much this session. Faust works great when he’s doing stuff in the background, but this week I was in the background, but not really doing much there. Still, good session, and we were reasonably productive.

After Action Report (Christopher)
This session was entirely too funny thanks to Merlin and was overall good. Lots of exposition and Rich got to really shine in his chosen role.
Session Soundtrack
“All Along The Watchtowers (Instrumental)” by The Forest Rangers ft Gabe Witcher (as the session “opening song”)

Low-Rider” by War
School’s Out” by Alice Cooper
You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon (Pharton being…Phaeton)
Head Like a Hole” by NIN

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