AEON E-Team: Season 1, Session 3 – Putting Stuff in Other Stuff

Dramatis Personae

  • Johnathan Finn aka N0va (played by Chris D.): A Cyberpath with a digital mind and a timid streak. Perhaps the least combat inclined of the group and prefers to find alternate means of getting past his enemies.. Tagline: “He’s no saint.”
  • Ruby Rhyolite aka Terra (played by Emily Smirle): A geologist with the power to control the very Earth, and a scatter-brain. Ruby is bold and by the books, even when her books are all over the place and she can’t find the one she wants. Tagline: “If it needs a shovel, I’m all about it!”
  • Jane Doe aka Stitch (played by Josh B.): Dead(?) and loving it. Reanimator meets Rocky. The de facto team leader since she questions the least and always comes back. Tagline: “Don’t worry, I didn’t need that part anyways.”
  • The Ghost (played by Travis E.): TBA. Tagline: “TBA”
  • Evan Grey aka Bone Daddy (played by Will): A college dropout with a temper, Evan enjoys using his bone manipulation powers to rough people up, followed by using his mostly forgotten medical training to patch them up. Tagline: “Stop resisting. It’ll hurt less”

Previously . . .

When we last left off, the group had just finished a fight with a group of metahumans in front of a warehouse that might contain medication. Several were hurt by the sonokinetic’s scream and Finn was knocked out. They haven’t really claimed the warehouse either, having headed back to rest and regroup in the Transistor facility. They’re trying to figure out how to work things as Terra attempts to make a make-shift filter from her ability to control earth and garbage cans. Stitch heals themselves with her traits and Evan patches up both Ghost and Stitch. They barricade the door and settle down to heal as Stitch fattens herself up with the dead body they grabbed.

Three days pass with Finn making a quick hand-charger and then a defensive tool for himself. They head out to raid the food warehouse nearby, leaving the injured behind and check out the locales. Looking at the frost layers and trying to find some place where while plants might be growing but getting distracted on the way.

Red Scavenger Needs Food Badly

Bone Daddy, N0va, Stitch, Terra, The Ghost
Krinos Foods
Day 5, 9:00 am
1750 Bathgate Ave, The Bronx, NY 10457

They get to Krinos Foods and manage to find a flatbed cart beside a rather awful smelling warehouse with a chained door leading to the main portion. Trying to scout inside with Bone Daddy’s bone detection and Terra’s vibration sense, there’s bone in there and unmoving. Terra and Stitch make a move to bash the door down when Finn just decides to use his ability to just disassemble the door rather than make a ton of noise. On the other side, they find several skeletons laying on the ground.

The team gets to scrounging the warehouse for useful goods, finding several thousand dollars worth of canned goods that haven’t been touched, about 63 cases full of different goods, 24 cans in each. Finn manages to find at least two very large batteries from the power bank and handfuls of other batteries, dead. He’ll have to take them back to the base to fix them back up to working condition and get recharging. The two forklifts there are partials, with one of them would have to be cannibalized to fix the other.

On the way back, they spot a rather large housecat that approaches them. Rubbing against Finn and then jumping into Terra’s arms. It looks like a rastafarian wig with all the matts and fleas in there, carrying the cat back with them as an emergency food supply. It’s nearly thirty pounds after everything, a giant orange main coon cat. Bone Daddy help to completely shed its fur using his powers and trimming their claws.Back in the Transistor, they find Deluge and Viper there, the cat doesn’t seem to like Viper and checking out what their haul is. Over two months worth of canned goods.

A Baker’s Dozen and a Pocketful of Shells

Bone Daddy, N0va, Stitch, Terra, The Ghost
Gold Crust Bakery
Day 5, 11:00 am
3958 Park Ave, The Bronx, NY 104577

The bakers next door is unlocked and some investigation reveals that the heating elements that Finn is looking for are still there, along with a shotgun and two boxes of 12 gauge ammo. In the back of the shop, they find some strange moss that glows when they get close to it. Touching the moss results in Stitch getting electrocuted, twice and her radio battery overheating. It’s tossed into the oven where it pops. They try to investigate the moss, it’s clinging to the brick. After some poking with a stick, it stops giving off an electric charge. It’s either learning or it’s out of charges, either way Finn tips out the tip jar and hands it to Stitch to grab a sample of the moss.

Vodka and Skiing, Like, Totally

Bone Daddy, N0va, Stitch, Terra, The Ghost
Multiple places
Day 5, 7:00 pm
1650 Topping Ave, The Bronx, NY 10457

The group discusses where to go next, routing things out for Liquor Lords, Salvation Army, and eventually Elmax Builders Supply. They manage to find some really bad vodka leftover and head south towards the Salvation Army. They find only a ragged leather long coat inside before heading back to Divine Graphix Ink where they find some ski gear, enough only for one person. It’s starting to get dark, heading for the hardware store. They find it locked and barred from within, Ghost finding it devoid of people inside. Ghost unbars the door and they drag the cart inside and rebar the door to avoid an incident from before. They find some crates marked US Army which contain MREs that look like they’re airdropped. There’s also a dead body in the back with an arm missing from the elbow down, looking scorched. Bone Daddy is able to determine that it was an intense heat that severed the limb, and they’ve been dead for 25 years.

Finn goes through picking and choosing items with care, getting several thousand dollars worth of junk. It takes two trips to get the MREs and Junk back and by the time they’re heading back the light had dropped down low enough that they’re able to see glowing patches, obviously the moss from before. They’re also able to spot an aurora borealis. Terra is able to determine that someone has messed with the magnetic fields, but nothing else has occurred on their way back. Finn takes an hour to refurbish them.


The sixth day rolls around and they consider what they need to do. Finn lays out his plan to get a windmill set up to get some power going. Opening the door, they find a man staring at the now open door with a Whole Foods cart full of random goods. He was just looking for someone to trade, just didn’t expect someone to be in the no-go zone, just heading through to Light City. Offering trading from fresh bandages and penicillin and other medical supplies. Light-City is where Queens used to be and led by Jefferson who figured out a way to fight back the moss and get some generators running where they live in luxury, with fridges. Not that they help much in winter.

Giving him the six bottles of vodka they found, the trader gives them quite a bit of directions for a time bubble which is the reason why it’s a no-go zone. The man, John Shuler, was old enough to remember the coast guard dropping supplies when things started and dimensional raiders came around but got beaten back by heroes. Showing them a prosthetic leg which he lost when it was blasted off by one of the raiders. He’s normally around in the No-Go Zone in the summer time before holing up in Trump Tower for the winter.

After Action Report (GM)

Today’s session was all about exploring the surrounding area. I used a brand new random encounter generator I built for the campaign and . . .one encounter (it was a cat). This is what happens when you rely wholly on generators to do the dirty work of GMing. Sometimes you just need to say “[Rhymes with Truck] it!” and throw down. I’ll be doing this next week with the “time bubble” encounter. Gotta design how that encounter is gonna work this coming week.

Other Notes

This was a 3 hour session. I had some stuff to do so I ended up having to call it early.


“Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra (Opening Song
“Ordinary World” by Duran Duran
“Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” by Three Dog Night (Closing Song)

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