Aeon V-Team S01E04 – …I’ll Be the Mad Hatter

Dramatis Personae

  • Ciera A. Maeweather aka Weather Girl (played by +Christian Gelacio): Considered the weather manipulator (and News Channel 4’s meteorologist). Ciera can control the local weather in a variety of ways including earthquakes and the oceans. Highly trained original member of the Valiants and master of Capoeira.
  • Sigyn A. “Ginny” Locke aka Valkyrie (played by +Ann LS): Original member of the Valiants. Team captain of the second response team. Battlesuit wearing pyro- and chronokinetic with multiple secondary abilities including Savant capabilities, flexible bones, immunity to mental control,  an “awe” aura, and the ability to “summon” her possessions (which is how she gets in her battlesuit).
  • Janos K. “John” Nemonovich aka Doctor Mnemonic (played by +Troy Loy): Incredibly intelligent savant from another reality (which experienced the TAP during the late 1800s vs. late 1900s). Immortal with a perfect memory and eternally youthful body. Wears a costume with a “steampunk” aesthetic.
  • Sophia O. Saki aka Silkworm (played by +Natiel Leealexander): Mute fabric-controlling metahuman. Secondary abilities includes telepathic bond with identical sisters (they were triplets) and “forgetfulness” aura (people can’t remember her). Her signature ability is to manipulate fabric to produce strong “tendrils.”
  • Alicia I. Milam aka Howler (NPC): Once viglanate and still angry orphan with a chip on her shoulder and “perfect physical coordination” – she can bounce a quarter from the floor to a soda machine and hit every time. Looks up to the others as family she never had. 
  • Riki-Tiki-Tavi (NPC): An Ivory Labs “Doolittler” (an altered animal like Yukio from B-Team), Riki-Tiki-Tavi or “Tiki” is a semi-sapient mongoose with obsession for anything sweet – but especially cookies. His bite is toxic and insanely strong (about 23,000 PSI or ST 120). He has enhanced reflexes, regenerative ability, and an enhanced sense of smell.
  • Lucian A. de Keye aka Warlock (NPC): Lucian (or Lu as he prefers to be called) is a metahuman who can control darkness and space (including teleportation) and a sorceror. His powers are not linked, but he likes using darkness as a means for getting in and out with his teleportation. He can make constructs of darkness and is a capable skirmish porter.


The PCs have been in “Wonderland” for a while now. Time seems to have no meaning in the place and they’re trying to reach Hatter to help him and the rest of his team…

Welcome to The Tea Party
Dr. Mnemonic, Silkworm, Valkyrie, & Weather Girl
Dodge Physical Fitness Center, 42°F, Clear skies
Friday, January 13th, 2017, 8:00 pm

3030 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

The PCs eventually find their way to where Hatter and Dormouse are playing a game of chess. As they play the game, behind them a larger board with life-size chess pieces move as the pieces on the smaller board is played. Overhead a larger shadow can be seen circling the chessboard. The Hatter notices the PCs and mistakes Valkyrie for Alice and asks her if she knows what time it is. She responds with “Yes, but I’m afraid that Time is rather mad at [me].” before using stunting an ability to freeze him in time – since she amped her ability up (Affliction 16!) and since it was something that involved “wonderland logic” (being stuck in a moment in time) he failed to resist. This resulted in the Jabberwocky (the shadow circling above) to instantly attack the PCs.

Instead of running (the logical, sane thing to do when being attacked by a monstrous dragon-like creature who has the high ground) they decide to attack it first. That’s when they put their plan into motion: Weather Girl amps up her Tornado ability (Telekinesis with area effect) to a ST 1,000 and then uses Extra Effort to increase it again to ST 2,000 and slams Valkyrie into the ground with the winds doing thrust damage. Luckily, Roll20 can handle 201d6+603 (Yes, that was her final dice of damage) and the result was over 1,500 points of damage. The Valkyrie battlesuit absorbs it fully and instantly expels it doing 376d6 crushing explosion damage to everything around it. Next, Warlock uses his ability to manipulate space and concentrates the attack into a single stream split over multiple dimensions (I ruled that this halved the damage since he used Ultrapower and passed out) that he directed at the Jabberwocky who was then hit with a 188d6 attack…The poor thing never had a chance.

The PCs spoke with Hatter and tried to help him see that this wasn’t his fault…but he was delusional. A couple of critical successes on Talker and Medicine! (for Psychology) later and the reality warp ended and all of the Wonderlanders got out alive (except for Dormouse who was a reanimated corpse within the Wonderland warp).

Hatter and his team were carried off by AEGIS units and the PCs left the reality warp behind. They set back for Locke tower as Warlock was still unconscious and Howler’s injuries from the battle with the Red Queen were pretty severe. Not only that, but the Valkyrie Battlesuit went way beyond operating parameters and needs massive repairs on all sides.

We end it there.

After Action Report/Rules Notes
I was dreading to see the team’s combo move in play…I was right. It was ugly. They toasted the big bag I’d set up for 3 sessions in literally 3 seconds of combat. But, since my players were working together I don’t make a habit of complaining about such things.

The players talked abit about the game and we started talking about our next game. Everyone mutually decided that the V-Team was going to completely handle one aspect of the upcoming finale for Aeon, but didn’t want ot game it out. I agreed and we’re going to go on hiatus for a bit, play board games, card games, etc. and plan out next move for the upcoming camapign (more on that later)

Session Soundtrack

Mad Hatter” by Melanie Martinez (Opening song)
I’m Going Slightly Mad” by Queen
Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones
Thunderstruck” by AC/DC (Attack of the Jabberwocky)
A Change is Gonna Come” by Same Cooke (Closing song)
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