Alien Menace Session 2 – Musings

I’m going to keep this short, because I’m in the middle of a remodel project (I’m making my new room!) and moving out of my old room to the one I’m working on. It’s taken a LOT of effort, but I somehow managed to run run my GURPS game yesterday, then play in Doug’s game, and then picked up a a Dungeon Fantasy game at my FLGS as a MIB. It’s my “soft opening” – my scheduled projects are due later this month/first part of June. I barely got any sleep…but it was worth it. Anyways, Doug’s game…we’re still working out the kinks, as Doug noted on his own blog the maps are too big for troopers with Move scores of 2 or 3 (LOTS OF FRAKKING GEAR) running on either Combat time or “XCOM” movement. Seriously, every time my character needs to get somewhere quick I drop my pack and run. Since I’m the team medic I’m often doing exactly that (sans my medical gear). On the plus side, the points I spent on First Aid (skill 18), Equipment Bond (First Aid Kit), Higher Purpose (Medic!), and the Best-Quality First Aid Kit gives me a modified skill of 14 when performing First Aid “instantly” in combat. I also blew all my Luck trying to make sure that Jake’s character was at 1 HP or above. It was worth it. I’ll do the same damn thing with Tim’s character (who was absent this session). Keep in mind that my character is a bit crazy and actively looking for his death (though he never seems to find it) and he’s a team player (he’ll go to the ends of the Earth for someone he knows) so running right into the line of fire that Tim’s character finds himself is right up his alley. I didn’t really have any complaints per say, but damn did I find Fantasy Grounds as frustrating and unintuitive as I did the first time. I really wish Doug would switch to MapTool or something, getting a drop every 2 hours of play is just NOT COOL. Other than that I had a blast.

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