Carpe Blogiem: Author, Patreon, and Blog Highlights – July 2017

Here’s the highlights for me from July 2017.

Authorial Highlights

  • I have finished a Pyramid article for Hot Spots and Locations – but it needs some work and perhaps a map. We’ll see. I submitted the Deep Space article (hint: it’s about space opera and ritual path magic) and the nameless article I mentioned before to Steven. This still leaves Combat, Hot Spots and Locations, Action, Alternate GURPS, and After the End – all of which I have ideas for or partially completed items. I did finish my goal of submitting of three articles submitted last month which I’m pretty proud of.
  • I was mentioned in the GURPS news. Sekrit Project is sekrit.
  • My article “Chi Sorcery” came out. I was pretty happy overall with how it turned out. You can find my Designer’s Notes here.

Blog Highlights

  • I trimmed down the blog topics file to a mere 8 entries. DEAR GLOB THAT WAS A LOT. I got rid of about 10 topics for one reason or another and solicited about 6 more from various places. I still plan on writing new posts as the fancy takes me but I’ve got some breathing room for the sekrit project now.
  • Revamp on the blog continues, but I don’t think it’ll be ready before September what with me heading to Gen Con 50 and all.
  • As a part of the blog revamp I have went ahead and purchased web hosting and I plan on using wordpress for my new blog engine. They’ve come a long way with their particular interface and I rather like it from what I’ve seen.

Patreon Highlights

  • I began looking over my plans on what exactly I wanted to do for my Patreon revamp.
  • I got 4 new patrons in July and $11 of additional pledges for Patreon.
  • I pulled some interesting stuff from my files and current campaign to give to my patrons for August’s specials. I think those like ritual path magic or Monster Hunters will enjoy them.

Miscellaneous Related News

  • I continued work on a fiction piece I’d like to self-publish later this year.
  • My ride to Gen Con had to bail at the last minute for reasons way beyond his control so I thought I wasn’t going because I simply didn’t possess the funds necessary to get there any other way . . . then the amazing community of nerds and creatives decided otherwise. I will be going to Gen Con – I hope to see many lovely people there.
  • My mother has gone to stay with my sister in northern VA for a while. She fractured her pelvic bone (they don’t know when it happened even though she recently slipped). On the bright side she’s fully cleared of the bacteria that nearly killed her and with her staying with my sister upstate my stress levels have gone way down so I can get some more work done.
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  1. Did someone say the magical sentence "it needs a map"? Here's ready and willing if you're interested!

    Also I hope your mum will get well soon. She seems to have had a hard year so far.

  2. If you are using commercially viable objects or things from scratch…yeah. Heck yeah. I got some stuff I'd love to put out on Patreon – but I need maps for them. DF stuff mostly.

    Also, thanks! Mum is on the mend. 🙂

  3. I've got most of the ProFantasy Campaign Cartographer line, but I've mostly done overland maps for the last couple of years. As for commercially viable, the level of maps in Pyramids so far is not exactly hard to achieve, but I bet we can do better.
    If you have a specific project for me, lets get in touch via twitter or forum PM! I don't like send my e-mail address round for all to see.

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